Обо мне


Being Agile practitioner, I have 4 years of experience in Project Management and team building.

I’m mad about service and believe that everything can be done in time and on budget if people are properly managed. Communication is king. The team is more satisfied if it is aware of what is going on - poor communication causes most IT project failures. Well-knit teams can do impossible things, but they need someone who will show the way. Here I am.

I love my projects. I want to focus on solving real problems and creating meaningful products people love and are willing to use.


- Digital background and commercial projects management experience;

- Good knowledge of web development process and environment;

- Experience in collaborating with clients worldwide;

- Ability to handle multiple projects;

- Agile thinking and problem solving;

- Experience working with in-house and distributed teams;

- Exceptional communication skills;

Опыт работы
Dana Networks
Project Manager
Ноябрь 2015 — Апрель 2016 (6 месяцев)
Being a part of international team I’m helping to create a leading B2B e-commerce software (Insite Commerce). As a Scrum Master I’m responsible for ensuring Scrum is understood and enacted. Besides that was in charge of all other dedicated teams management stuff and facilitation. So, my personal goal is to maximize the value created by teams.
Разработка приложений для автоматизации бизнес-процессов
Project Manager
Август 2012 — Ноябрь 2015 (3 года и 4 месяца)
More than 3 years of work with amazing people and great projects in real estate, e-commerce and social domains. - Agile project management and coordination (incl. planning, monitoring, quality control, etc) - Client communication and support - Team hiring and motivation and problem solving. And hundreds of other everyday project activities. My favorite projects: - Boommy Taking up the Lean and Agile approaches allowed us to build a platform loved by +500.000 people from scratch. Now Boommy.ru is the largest social fashion marketplace in Russia. Besides of management was also involved into a product development process - came up with features and customer did development activities. - Soundboks Small project I’m proud to be a part of. According to latest news, guys were backed on Kickstarter ($500k) and will tear the world soon)) - Bolighandel The biggest real estate classified in Denmark.