Обо мне

*My Resume and CV have some overlapping data because there are some situations when they (CV and Resume) distributing separately*

This Resume is a number of my **provable** skills. I placed keywords in separate sections for convenient search. I have a lot of interests except my full time work so do not feel yourself suspiciously with my list of knowledges. I am sorry in advance.

### Contact info

* **email**: antononrails@gmail.com;

* **skype**: hkugapouah;

* **jabber**: codesuper@jabber.org (as the last variant).

### Social

* **github**: lovesuper.

### Common skills and knowledges \^_^

* Procedural programming, functional programming, reactive programming, object-oriented programming;

* SOLID, Design patterns, smart refactoring, GRASP, DRY, YAGNI, KISS, etc;

* Participated projects: web(backend), data crawlers, user actions automation (emulation) and test on web sites, mobile development (ios, android), Google Chrome Extensions development;

* API engineering: REST, HATEOAS, GraphQL, Open Api2/3;

* Software engineering: TDD, BDD;

* Service engineering: SOA, MSA;

* Python (2.6, 2.7. 3.\*): SQLAlchemy, Selenium library, Fabric, BeautifulSoup, Buildout, Motor, py2neo and more more more;

* Strict corresponding to code guidelines (PEP8 + Flake8, SwiftLint, Google Java Style Guide, etc);

* Python tests: nose, py.test, pytest-bdd;

* IDEs: Sublime Text (2,3), Vim(NeoVim), Android Studio, XCode, Intellij idea (PyCharm);

* Java: RxJava, JUnit, Groovy Gradle Scripts;

* Swift (iOS);

* Kotlin/Java (Android);

* Lite C++ (Arduino library);

* Javascript (base knowledges);

* Continuous integration systems: Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Team City;

* Transport and queues: RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ, Celery, RQ, JSON RPC;

* VCS: Git + flow, Mercurial + flow, Bazaar, SVN;

* Databases/storages: PostgreSql, MySql, MongoDb, Cassandra, Redis, Sqlite, Memcached, Mnesia, Neo4j(+Cypher);

* Also has a some experience at Erlang/Elixir (active learning);

* Love and academically learn Haskell;

* Octave assignment;

* R-lang. I use it as algorithmic tools for my science work;

* I have some PHP5 experience in the past (about 2 years);

* Have some "extraordinary" mobile development experience such as Titanium+Alloy and React.js.

### Web/API development [Production ready]

* Pylons, Pyramid, Flask, Django, Tornado, Bottle, Connexion, Twisted, Scrapy;

* Blueprinting and implementation Restful APIs with Open Api 3.0.2;

* Json Api protocol;

* Standardized set of skills: HTML, CSS, XML, Markdown, YAML, XPath, SQL, RE, XSLT, Canvas, HAML;

* I have a number of my works widely published, some of that: top-cat.org, stack of web resources of motmom.com.

### Android development [Production ready]

* Java/Kotlin;

* Some used libraries: Retrofit, EventBus, JodaTime, Espresso, Butterknife (Kotterknife), Dagger2, Anko, Kapsule, etc;

* Architectural patterns: MVP, MVI, MVVM, Viper (+ DI);

* I have a lot of apps in Google Play: Mo.Delivery (Мо.Доставка - rus), Mo.PartnersCash (Мо.Касса - rus), Mo.Booking (Мо.Бронирование - rus), Mo.Card (Мо.Карта - rus) and some apps for special corporate users and private apps, some other apps in an early dev stage now;

* Some kind of self hosted FDroid store customization.

### iOS development [Production ready]

* Swift (CocoaPods, Swiftlint, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, Moya, Typhoon (dependency injection), Swinject, Spine etc);


* RxSwift, RxCocoa;

* I have a lot of apps in AppStore: Mo.Delivery (Мо.Доставка - rus), Mo.PartnersCash (Мо.Касса - rus), Mo.Booking (Мо.Бронирование - rus), Mo.Card (Мо.Карта - rus) and some apps for special corporate users and private apps, some other apps in an early dev stage now.

### Chrome extensions development [Production ready]

* Understanding basic methods and mechanics of chrome extensions development;

* I have experience at real published chrome apps development (a few freelance orders). In this count my pet-project: VK-Pause.

### Arduino

* I understand and successfully implement basic knowledges of low level programming and other steps of development under Arduino and simple micro controllers;

* I have a real experience at circuit design and programming DYI projects, for example: The Real Smart Kicker + release demo.

### Tests

* PyTest with BDD plugin (with Gherkin), nose.

### iOS Game Development

* I have some experience with SpriteKit for making elementary 2D games.

### DataScience & Machine Learning

* I would love to implement all my theoretical knowledge in big (or small) real life project;

* Octave, pySci.

### Blockchain and cryptocurrency

* I would love to implement all my theoretical knowledge in big (or small) real life project;

* Solidity.

### Other skills

* Strong confident operations systems knowledge: linux-based, MacOS, FreeBSD;

* Slightly familiar with Ruby, Scala, Objective C, Perl, Bash, Node.js, Flash AS2 and many other;

* Close familiar with HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, BitTorrent protocol specifications;

* Communication management systems like Slack, Discord;

* I have strong knowledge of development methodologies like Scrum(Scrum Masters), Code-review ReivewBoard, project management: Redmine, Gitlab, Fabricator. Bug Trackers: Errbit, Sentry;

* Methods of visual design: UML, the IDEF family;

* Swagger API, Blueprint API;

* Confident user of Sketch app.

### Hobby and life

* I like & respect OpenSource;

* Periodically read books & fresh knowledges of Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, Robert Martin and their friends;

* I like Gentoo. Installation & assembling was exciting for me a life ago;

* I like the theory of relational databases, I know SQL well, indexing, debugging with EXPLAIN and concomitant high performance of the database;

* I like learning algorithms and cypher history and game theory a little too;

* Familiar with Vagrant (+Salt);

* Touch typing (also called touch type or touch keyboarding) for healthy and pleasure life;

* I am interested in 3D modeling, particularly: Blender & Blender Python scripting;

* I'm working on a scientific thesis related to mathematics for load balancers;

* Raspberry Pi, Arduino (I like DIY), I produce printed circuit boards for projects based on Arduino at home ^_^;

* Designing PCBs with programs like Sprint Layout, Eagle and the like. Here is the project for smart table football);

* I'm interested in UE4 (scripting and logic);

* My basic point of interest is a science, technocracy and reasonable thinking;

* Fields of science interest are mathematics, logic, game theory, probability theory. I am really interested in that things;

* Vegetarian for a long time.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Mobile App connecting clubs/teams and sportsmen in both classic and Esports
Lead Developer
Апрель 2018 — По настоящее время (2 года и 7 месяцев)
backend + mobile developer (ios, android)
Октябрь 2012 — Март 2018 (5 лет и 6 месяцев)

Ведем большой долгоиграющий проект с кучей веб- и мобильных приложений под различные платформы. Имеется опыт в широкой гамме сфер применения головы :-)

Академия естественных наук
веб-программист, ведущий программист
Ноябрь 2011 — Февраль 2012 (4 месяца)
Высшее образование
Пензенский государственный университет (бывший ППИ)
Факультет: Институт Информатики и вычислительной техники (ИИВТ)
Сентябрь 2013—По настоящее время (7 лет и 1 месяц)
Аспирант кафедры МОиПВМ
Пензенский государственный университет архитектуры и строительства
Факультет: Инженерно-строительный институт
Февраль 2009—Май 2013 (4 года и 3 месяца)
[Второе высшее] Переводчик английского языка в сфере профессиональных коммуникаций. Диплом государственного образца о законченном высшем образовании.
Факультет: Инженерно-строительный институт
Сентябрь 2008—Июль 2013 (4 года и 10 месяцев)
[Основное высшее] Информационные системы и технологии. Специалист
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