Обо мне

Responsible, neat, punctual, attentive, not subject to stress, easily trained, able to work in a team, logical thinking, hardworking

Jedi of Front End, padawan in Back End.

Want to be a Grand Master in both.

In the strive for clean and structured code with detailed comments, a certain degree of flexibility for possible reuse in the project. The huge interest in the design, development and implementation of complex interface solutions, server-side and full-stack.

Love music (guitarist), games, books, gadgets, photography, boats, cars and much more.

May the force be with you.

Профессиональные навыки
CSSTwigHTMLAdobe PhotoshopБЭМGitJQueryJiraJavaScript
Опыт работы
Реклама в интернете и социальных сетях
Ведущий разработчик интерфейсов (Lead Front End Developer)
Март 2016 — По настоящее время (4 года и 8 месяцев)
Front End development of company sites and company’s main product with BackboneJS, UnderscoreJS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML/HTML5/ CSS/CSS3, etc. Work with BigData, elaborate of Front End architecture. It is a Work on the internal UI service for the DSP and SSP. I'm the only front-end developer of the team. Also I make universal templates for banners with different logic (for example, banners with geotargeting) and intermediate landing pages for the ads served from us.
Разработка ПО для финансовых компаний
HTML Coder (PSD-to-HTML Coder, Front End developer)
Октябрь 2014 — Март 2016 (1 год и 6 месяцев)
Work in a big team on a large number of loaded projects with a high level of responsibility and with multilingualism (at the beginning of the language was 3 when I arrived). The area of ​​responsibility includes the writing of a clean structured code (new pages and elements, support for older, layout "Landings"), integration templates with backend (PHP, Symfony, Twig) and data processing into templates, multi-language integration and addition of new languages ​​taking into account the nature and rtl (ar, fa, hi, id, pt, en, es, vi, cn), interaction with copywriters, translators and project programmers. During the work was received enormous experience - a better use of Git in conjunction with FishEye and Jira, SVG, work in accordance with the internal standards, semantics and completely valid code, "assets", optimization, automation, macroses for blocks and elements, work with Jira, test and dev-environments, more in-depth use of HTML5 and CSS3 (because we refused of the IE9), the use of BEM species (OPOR), active teamwork with clear workflow more "deep" familiarity with linux | bash and ssh, and much more, including strict discipline.
Alloi internet-servisi LLC (ООО Аллой интернет - сервисы)
Front-end Developer
Март 2013 — Август 2014 (1 год и 6 месяцев)
Teamwork. The project was completely rewritten - from the backend to the frontend. Responsibilities includes: coding of layouts (HTML4 / 5, CSS2 / 3, Django Templates), the development of UI-component of the project on JS using jQuery in conjunction with underscore.js and various plug-ins. The project was managed with RedMine and Redbooth, and version controlled via Git. This project - my "baptism of fire" as a front-end developer. During the work it was studied a variety of technologies and I obtained a lot of new knowledge - HTML4 / 5, CSS2 / 3, JavaScript (basics and understanding), jQuery (and plugins), AJAX and JSON, data processing using a underscore templates and Django Templates, I learned how to work with Git, Linux | bash (Ubuntu), understanding fundamentals of the UI, Python and the framework of Python - Django (which I continue to study), was tested in conjunction with Meteor.js CoffeeScript and more.