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Обо мне

Hello, my name is Slava Romantnsov! I create websites from 2017. I am guided by the following principles in my work:

1 — Continuous education and improvement. I regularly read professional literature, watch webinars, and every day I learn something new that will allow me to do my job every day better and faster.

2 — Only proven technology. Any programmer wants to try to implement some kind of technology that has just appeared in projects, but it is not always well supported by modern browsers. In order for the site to display correctly not only on yours, but also on the computers of visitors to your site, before using the technology, I check how well it is supported by browsers.

3 — Individual approach. The modern world is filled with a huge amount of information, and to know everything and everything is impossible. Therefore, at the stage of discussion of the project, I try to explain to customers complex things in simple words.

Опыт работы
Современная творческая лаборатория
Разработчик интерфейсов
Декабрь 2017 — Февраль 2018 (3 месяца)
Верстка лендингов для библиотеки шаблонов, HTML/CSS/JS