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I'm currently working as Head of Development at Whip Around, a SaaS startup based in New Zealand that makes it simple and seamless to streamline the daily vehicle inspection process for companies managing fleets. My responsibilities include building product development team, project management, hands-on software development and helping company leadership in developing product strategy and vision.

Prior to this, I worked as VP of Engineering at MY F.C., a football team management platform written in React Native/Node.js stack. I've also founded and managed Boolba Labs LLC, a mobile games development company of 20+ employees. I oversaw the delivery of over 20 projects with cumulative mobile download count exceeding 10 million.

I started my career at Freightways Information Services, a provider of IT services to Freightways group of companies (NZSX:FRE) working in express packaging and information management industries. In this role, I created and maintained application software, developed team policies and procedures, trained other team members. 

I'm proud of possessing and continuously developing the following skills and traits:

☆ Business judgment - I am able to frame problems, see issues from multiple perspectives, prioritise objectives and foresee consequences of decisions.

☆ People management and team building - I aim to be clear about my expectations and make people accountable for results and broken promises. I believe in a culture of trust and employee empowerment, and enjoy fostering it. 

☆ Humility - I like leading openly, being humble and aware of my weak areas of expertise. I am conscious of differences in work and communication styles of others. 

My manager's README: https://github.com/kkav004/README

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