Иван Присяжный

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От 5000 $Рассмотрю предложения
Возраст: 36 лет
Опыт работы: 19 лет и 8 месяцев
Регистрация: 04.12.2015
Последний визит: более 5 лет назад
Местоположение: Россия, Калининград
Дополнительно: готов к переезду
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Обо мне

Linux open source backend engineer passionate about Distributed Systems, Languages and Storage engines.

I have at least 10 years of professional experience in Software Engineering with strong focus on linux backend open source software. I am polyglot with developed skills to read, understand and refactor code other people wrote and experience in running and troubleshooting production systems.

For the last 8 years I have extensively used Java, Go, Node.JS, Scala, PowerShell, C#, Bash, Ruby, Python and etc.

My hobby is reversing engineer managed software and reading papers about distributed software.

p.s. I am a fan of twitter, facebook, google, amazon open source stuff, *nix, colemak, vim, emacs, intellij and macs.

Interested lang stacks (prioritized):

- primary: java, scala, golang

- additional: erlang, clojure, haskell, c/c++

- all other stuff

I do 80% of dev/eng. and 20% of devops.

If you would like to find more info about my work, check out following:

My GitHub:

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My Blog:

Опыт работы

  • ExitGames GmbH
    Senior Backend Engineer
    Ноябрь 2014 — По настоящее время (7 лет и 9 месяцев)
    Resps: - backend - automation - deployment - devops Projects: - built distributed execution framework in powershell (WinRT) - built distributed synchronization in golang/consul (through azure sas uris) - built p2p cluster monitoring - rewrote facebook's osquery in go - wrote microsoft azure storage services go client - built in-memory sql database backed with Consul.IO data replicated from all WANs - automated a lot about deployment with PS/golang - hacking over Consul.IO (go), InfluxDB (go), Graphite (python), NewRelic (C#), CloudWatch (C#), StatsD (C#) - linux administration, nginx/lua, devops, ansible - built docker containers based on phusion images Techs: - linux, microsoft azure, digital ocean, golang, c, c#, powershell - vagrant, docker, consul, coreos
  • Неодинамика
    Tech Lead
    Август 2009 — Сентябрь 2014 (5 лет и 2 месяца)
    Startup (MusicWars: - F2P browser social games. 4M+ users ww. web/social/mobile platforms, 10K CCU - 2 years in dev, 1 year pre production, 2+ years in production. Responsibilities: - Architecture, development, deployment of backend system (game platform + scalability) from scratch (i wrote > 250k of system-level server side code, whole is about 500k - the second half is game logic is mostly not my work) - Administration of production systems - DevOps - SRE, DBA - Mentor other programmers in the team Projects: - created and ran scalable game platform (> 500k loc, distributed, async, multithreaded) - setup servers (aws and bare metal) - made a lot of patches to memcached, mysql, redis drivers and scribed. - created automated dev env with puppet / vagrant - created automated deployment system based on fpm, prm - integrated our game platform with publisher's services (service set cluster on node.js) - created DSL scripting language (preprocessor) based on java dialect - created a lot of code generator serializers for our caching and protocol subsystems - hacked over hibernate - solved a lot of performance issues on production site (with mysql, raid, redis, memcached, jvm, ...) - tuned jvm (gc too) a lot - i found PermGen mem leak based on invalid JIT configuration - wrote a lot of bash, ruby, python scripts to automate things for our dev env - did static code analysis and heap mem dump analysis to improve our mem footprint Tech: we use a lot of: java, javascript (node.js), bash, puppet, python, ruby - linux stack - 500k loc java multithreaded async. event-driven scalable game servers (clustered) - nginx scala, node.js micro services - Thrift, Scribe, Finagle, Netty, Redis, Memcached, Mysql, MongoDB, Sphinx (Lucene replaced), Ehcache, Hibernate, Eclipse JDT etc. - Vagrant, Puppet, Ruby, Python, SBT, Maven, Ant
  • AcushNet
    Senior Software Engineer
    Январь 2008 — Август 2008 (8 месяцев)
    C# 3.5, ASP.NET MVC 1.0, NUnit, Moq, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Entity Framework, Dynamic Linq, jQuery, Microsoft Best Patterns Practices, Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • Одна из крупнейших IT-компаний России. Мы создаём продукты, которые помогают работать бизнесу во всём мире
    КалининградОт 100 до 1000 сотрудников
    Январь 2007 — Декабрь 2007 (1 год)
    Developing brand new BITRIX.NET CMS solution. C# ASP.NET. Some ads stuff for Bitrix ads module, PHP. WebServices module (SOAP/WSDL integration) for Bitrix, PHP.
  • Game Development
    КалининградОт 100 до 1000 сотрудников
    Январь 2006 — Январь 2007 (1 год и 1 месяц)
    port of java MIDP 1.0 to Windows CE, C-based runtime with custom translator
  • Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
    КалининградБолее 5000 сотрудников
    Январь 2003 — Январь 2005 (2 года и 1 месяц)
    outsourcing various web sites on php and javascript. Windows MFC Client-Server billing system written in C++ to control time in game rooms. miranda icq protocol based email database scanner and spam bot.
  • NDA
    Январь 2001 — Январь 2003 (2 года и 1 месяц)
    Administrating FreeBSD, Satellite channels, Squid proxies, Traffix shaping, Web servers

Высшее образование

  • БФУ им. И. Канта

    Балтийский федеральный университет имени И. Канта
    Калининград455 выпускников
    Сентябрь 2002 — Сентябрь 2011 (9 лет)
    Прикладная математика