Обо мне


My name is Andrei and I’m 28 y.o. junior web developer.

Since I was a child, I was spending all my free time watching the computer screen and dreaming of days when I become the man, who can do that cool things that I saw on the screen. I knew that it is my way. I spent a lot of time reading about how does computer work and who programmers are. I was really in love with all kinds of IT spheres.

But only this year I made big steps further to my dream job. I choose web development because it is very interesting for me. I left my job to learn to code more effectively. Everyday step by step I am studying. I watch online courses, learn guides, listen podcasts. I need to be surrounded by this atmosphere to grow faster. Now it feels like I do not have enough hours in a day. I want to learn more and more.

I enjoy this path and I know that very soon I will become a Professional in this sphere.

For now my skills:

BackEnd(main focus):

  • Python Django / Django REST Framework
  • PosgreSQL / Redis


  • Vue.JS / Vuex / Nuxt.JS
  • Sass / Webpack / Bootstrap


  • GitHub / GitLab
  • Nginx / Gunicorn (basic)
  • PHP / 1С (basic)
  • Dart / Flutter (hobby)

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