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Hi there,

I would like to apply my 6+ years of Full stack experince in creating robust and feature-rich applications to make your app really cool. Let me join your gang of 3!!

I have created multiple applications with main focus on Angular/React/Vue and PHP (Laravel, ZendFramework and other frameworks). 

I am available to start right away and ready to sign an NDA before you share with me specs and other project details.

Kindly review what I am capable of:


Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, Ajax, VueJS, Bootstrap 4


Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, Ajax, VueJS, Bootstrap 4


Technologies used: PHP, WordPress, Ajax, 


Technologies used: PHP, Laravel, Ajax, jQuery, Angular

WRIOS is a comprehensive online tool to simplify workflow for music companies. It makes it easy for songwriters to submit songs, for administrators to catalog, and for executives to pitch.

•NextDocVisit- http://nextdocsolutions.com/visit/, was created for http://www.rockhopperzsg.com: a system for facilitating patient intake for medical practices; optimizes patient intake, so that the patient is assigned to the best suited medical practitioner.

Built on top notch tech stack: NodeJS back end and AngularJS front end.

•Road Ready - http://roadreadysystem.com: high load automation service for trailer tracking, allows to handle thousands of devices and offers a wide range of reporting options.

Built on top notch tech stack: Java, Spring Security, Tomcat, AngularJS, Pug, Stylus, PostgresQL and MongoDB for db modeling and high load optimization.

I am open to have a call with you to put me in the way of things.
My skype iD: bahek2462774,
Telegram: bahek2462774
what time works best to you?

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Creating BackEnd services as well as FrontEnd sites. Mostly they're Single Page Applications. I prefer work with Laravel for Backend. For Frontend I would rather take VueJS (Quasar Framework is also fine) or React. For Store I use Vuex or Redux.
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