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Обо мне




- Composer

- JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax

- Yii2, Laravel

- HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (3.x, 4.x)

- OOP, Patterns (Factory, Adapter, Iterator)


- Git

- Jira, GitHub, Bitbucket, Bitrix24

- XDebug, Blackfire, XHprof

- beanstalk, Redis

- Linux, SSH, Bash

- English (intermediate)


- SQL: MySQL, Postgresql

- CMS (Joomla, Wordpress, OpenCart)

- Adaptive layout

- Comet, Long Polling

- WebSockets, Ratchet, WAMP

- SIP, WebRTC, VoxImplant

- Smsc.Ru API

- VK API, FB API, Twitter API, Tumblr API, Foursquare API, Pinterest API, OK API, My World API, etc

- Experience in using and building C ++ applications using Qt

- Experience in the development team

- Optimization experience with databases

- Architecture building experience

- Documenting code





E-mail: isudakoff@gmail.com

Phone: +7-9-3333-44-000

Профессиональные навыки
PHPSQLGitRestful apiDockerLaravelWebsocketsRedisJavaScriptNode.js
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Разработка системы управления таксомоторным парком
Middle Software Developer -> Senior SD -> Team Lead / Software Architect
Октябрь 2017 — Январь 2020 (2 года и 4 месяца)
  • I rewrote plain-PHP-based websocket server on PHP library Ratchet.
  • I rewrote from scratch order creating in our taxi dispatch. I added a lot of minor features that have long wanted business. This helped the business to sell the product more successfully.
  • I added calls feature to our taxi dispatch. Dispatchers can now receive and make calls directly from the browser. This allowed us to speed up the process of communication dispatcher with key people.
  • I wrote a few API for internal use and for external partners.
  • I have implemented a partnership project, and made a connection to our Partner API.
  • For some time I was engaged in supporting partners. I answered their questions, trained, corrected / supplemented the critical elements of the application.
  • I added a few notification systems to the projects.
  • I added the ability to containerize a project using Docker.
  • I brought excellent specialists to our team from past jobs. They helped the business to increase the volume and pace of development.
  • I helped newcomers to get used to the project, and as soon as possible begin to bring benefits.
  • I initiated a smooth transition to microservice architecture. I wrote the first few microservices; Including microservices for working with geocoding, coordinates, images, auto-ordering.
  • I worked closely with the system administrator. I helped him in terms of automating the deployment of environments for development.
  • I have implemented CI / CD methodology in the team development process.
  • I have implemented software testing in the development process.
  • I have gathered a team in Krasnoyarsk.
  • I have added support for JWT to the project.
  • I have refactored many parts of the product.

Software Developer
Март 2017 — Октябрь 2017 (8 месяцев)
  • I designed and implemented a REST API based on the Yii2 framework for use by mobile clients (iOS, Android).
  • I created the Yii2 application components for basic functions such as repost, like, comments.
  • I connected more than 10 third-party social networking APIs to the application.
  • I created several open source layers for working with social networks in Yii2.
Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
Software Developer
Август 2016 — Март 2017 (8 месяцев)
  • I implemented many small tasks from many different customers.
  • I gained my first valuable development experience.
Software Developer
Декабрь 2014 — Февраль 2016 (1 год и 3 месяца)

I worked with different customers. These were mainly works with Opencart, Wordpress, Joomla. I wrote some modules for CMS. I made up many layouts with further integration with CMS. During this period I have made about 25 sites.

Российская софтверная компания
Software Developer
Февраль 2016 — Август 2016 (7 месяцев)

- I transferred the online store for adults from plain-PHP to CMS OpenCart.
- I implemented a frontend (with paper.js) for a web application for learning to sing.
- I implemented several new features of our plugin for Jira.
- I rewrote a corporate tool for tracking the development process from the C# to Qt/C++ programming language.

Global Patent
Junior Software Developer
Октябрь 2014 — Декабрь 2014 (3 месяца)

- I implemented the landing page in a short time in full accordance with the terms of reference and layouts.

- I implemented full-text search on internal CRM using Yii and Sphinx.

Junior Software Developer
Август 2014 — Октябрь 2014 (3 месяца)

- I participated in the development of the company's internal CMS.

- I have implemented several projects as Full Stack.

PHPGitLinuxJavaScriptSQLHTMLCSSJQueryTwitter BootstrapBash
Junior Software Developer
Ноябрь 2013 — Август 2014 (10 месяцев)

- I've fixed a lot of errors in the current version of the site.

- I have implemented several new features for the site and social networks.

- I've created media content for the website and social networks.

Высшее образование
Институт космических и информационных технологий
Факультет: Информатики и процессов управления
Сентябрь 2012—Июль 2016 (3 года и 10 месяцев)

First year:

- I participated in ACM / ICPC

Second year:

- I volunteered as a curator for newbies of our department.

- A group of freshmen, with my help, became friends with a parallel group, and together they won the local group competitions in public events.

- I continue to communicate with many of these guys, and for some of them I even helped get a first job.

Third year:

- I studied and worked as a software developer.

- I implemented several interesting term papers.

- At the end of the course, I began to implement a thesis.

На четвёртом курсе

- I was completely passionate about graduate work.

- In parallel, I worked in my specialty at a new job. I studied many new technologies, and also received a lot of new experience that the university could not give me.

Faculty: ISIT

Department of Informatics - Software engineering

Theme of my thesis: "Corporate information system for a transport company"