Обо мне

I have over 19 years of the work experience with Linux systems on servers, clusters and work stations in big companies and in big list of datacenters as teamlead or usual engineer.

Years of development of tools/applications with using: C, Perl, Python, Bash, Php/Javascript.

Experience of teamlead and CEO in projects.

Experience of teaching on courses for students: 'Base using of Linux system for parallel computations'.

I am honest and kind person. For me very important my reputation.

I almost always can find right decisions if I found some problems in process of work. And I am always interested in looking for mostly secure, economical and productive solutions.

Further is some my addition information about my work and experience and very short list of details:

Most part of working time I use terminal (ssh shells / ipmi interfaces).

But, of course, I know and sometimes use 'popular web-wrappers of OS': WHM, Cpanel, Webmin and etc. If it is important and need for team.

Hovewer, for serious servers, I prefer to use original installation (almost from scratch) of OS and manual uniqal configurations. This is very important for all lifetime of servers.

Very brief review of my expirience after much years of work in DCs and companies:

Network stacks:

TCP/UDP, IPv4 , IPv6, IPX and etc

OS secuirity:

SElinux, Apparmor, Smack, Tomoyo etc

Stacks of Web applications:

LAM(P) || WSGI || *CGI: Apache, Nginx, PHP, Perl, Python,Mysql, Postgres, Mongo, Redis and etc.

System level:


in HPC system and other :

Torque, Maui, Moab for HPC clusters, Infiniband, FC interconnect, iSCSI, SCST, OFED, OPENMPI and etc

Systems of virtualization on professional level:

QEMU (native), Ganeti, Synnefo, OpenCloud, OpenStack, oVirt, Proxmox and etc.

Containers of applications:

chroot, systemd-nspawn, LXC, Docker and etc

Storage subsystems: HW/SOFT RAIDs, LVM, DRBD, Ceph and etc.

During these years I have been in a large number of tasks related to administration of network devices, as well as with simple and complex server systems. I manage servers for the HPC tasks and for network infrastructure of Internet and Intranet - DNS,DHCP,*FTP,HTTP(S),MAIL etc etc. The main goals - the monitoring of the performance and the security. I also implement tasks of data backup and troubleshooting, support for the users.

I have comprehensive work skills with systems based on Debian, Redhat, CentOS, SLES, OpenSuse.

I've got more than 8 years of experience in developing the different software with use of C, Perl, Python and etc on system and user levels.

For example, very important skill in the developing and the modification of RPM packages (rpmbuild, rebuild, kernels), custom kernels and etc etc.

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разработчик и администратор серверов
Январь 2012 — По настоящее время (8 лет и 9 месяцев)
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