Ilia Eriomenco

DevOps Engineer · Администрирование · Поддержка · Средний (Middle)
От 150 000 ₽ · Ищу работу
Возраст: 42 года
Опыт работы: 4 года и 7 месяцев
Регистрация: 02.12.2016
Последний визит: 3 месяца назад
Местоположение: Молдова, Кишинев
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Обо мне

SysOps experience is over 10 years.

DevOps experience is over 5 years.

I'm keen on doing my job and constantly improve my professional skills.

Proactive and confident.

I can do for your projects the following:

- offer and implement stack of technologies/products (prototype)

- create and support infrastructure templates (IaC)

- deploy and support CI/CD systems (your developers can only focus on code)

- develop and implement services, applications deployment and tests pipelines

- deploy active monitoring system (you will always be calm about your servers and applications)

- prepare Disaster Recovery Plan for your infrastructure

Additional improvements/saving money:

- your own automatic programming code verification systems for free

- your own Github with private repositories for free

- your own Slack with no limits and videoconferences for free

- your own selfhosted Atlassian stack for free (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Crowd)

Usually, I use proven open source products

From day to day I work with:

- Ansible, AWX, Rundeck, Rudder,

- Jenkins, CircleCI, CodePipeline, GitlabPipeline

- Git/hub/lab, Bitbucket

- Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes, Rancher

- Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix

- ELK, Graylog

- Terraform, Cloudformation, Packer, Vault, Consul, FreeIPA

- Sonarqube, Selenium, Jmeter, Siege, Tsung

- Celery, RabbitMQ

- Redis, Cassandra, Mongo

- Mysql, Percona, Postgresql, Pgpool

- Apache, Nginx, Haproxy, Squid, Varnish

- Supervisor, Beanstalk

- Python, Bash, HCL, DSL, Groovy

- AWS, GCP, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, OVH

- Cloudflare, Cloudfront

- Bacula, Amanda, AWS Backup

- Atlassian Stack, Phabricator, Mattermost

- Linux services: sshd, vsftpd, bind, logrotate, csf/ldf, firewalld, iptables, fail2ban, openvpn, IPsec/l2tp, wireguard etc


- library of humor and positive thinking ;)

- rich Ansible generic roles library

- unique Python Fabric deployment library

- huge Jenkins pipelines library

- always documenting procedures to save time in the future

- self-confidence and good attitude towards people

Участие в профессиональных сообществах

Опыт работы

  • Kivork
    DevOps Engineer
    Октябрь 2019 — По настоящее время (1 год и 4 месяца)


    - Deploy infrastructure and projects code

    - Develop and implement IaC templates

    - Support QA and Develop teams

    - Launch and upgrade current company services

    - Support and maintaining network and servers infrastructure

    - Deploy and support code analyze systems

    Январь 2018 — Сентябрь 2019 (1 год и 9 месяцев)

    Main activities and responsibilities

    - Support development team – deployment/CI/CD: Ansible, Jenkins;

    - Development and support project (Python/Flask, Celery/Flower, Postgresql/Pgpool, Redis, Elasticsearch);
    - Monitoring: Zabbix, AlertLogic, NewRelic
    - Code Analyse: Sonarqube, Sentry
    - Logs: Graylog, ELK

    - Launch/improve, configure and extend project infrastructure on AWS (VPC/EC2/SG/ASG//IAM/S3/RDS/CF/CloudFormation/EIP/ELB/Route53)

    Январь 2017 — Январь 2018 (1 год и 1 месяц)

    - Support development teams - deployment/CI/CD/envs (Jenkins/CIBox,Travis-CI,CircleCI,BBPipelines);

    - IT support users (OS,Acquia,Pantheon, Drupal,Drush,WP,Docker/Docksal,Vagrant,etc);

    - Install, maintain and monitoring Web/File-servers/Network devices (LAMP,DNS,Security Access & Patches,Rundeck,Ansible,Fabric,Zabbix).

    - Working with clouds: AWS, DO, Linode (Cloudformation,Terraform, Docker Swarm)

    Июль 2016 — Январь 2017 (7 месяцев)
    Resposibilities: - Creation deployment scripts for the development teams; - Installation of the necessary environment for the developers; - Launching and maintaining of instances on the cloud services and web-hosting; - Problem-solving services on the servers of the corporate customers; - Integration of different web technologies for the company and customers Knowledge and use of the following operating systems and services: - Linux RedHat/Debian: LAMP, Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, Squid, Haproxy, Php, Mysql, Phpmyadmin, Postgresql, Pgbarman Git/Gitlab/Github/Bitbucket, Jenkins, Codeship, Pipelines Fabric, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant, Sphinx, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Memcached, Varnish, Redis, RabbitMQ Siege, Tsung, Jmeter, Postfix/Postfixadmin, Exim, Dovecot, Rouncube, Nagios/Nconf/nrpe/snmpd, Cacti, Zabbix, Monit, Supervisor, Webmin, Virtualmin, iptables, ufw, shorewall, apf, fal2ban, openvpn/l2tp/ipsec, sshd, vsftpd, bind, etc; - Scripting: bash, python, php, batch, powershell; - Bugtrackers/PMs: Jira, Confluence, Redmine, Slack, OTRS; - Cloud/DNS Proxy: AWS, Digital Ocean, Jelastic, Linode, Cloudflare; - CMS/Apps: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Modx, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Mautic, Suitecrm, Odoo; - Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012: AD, GPO, RDC, Cluster/RDCB, Hyper-V, WDS, WSUS, DNS, DHCP, 1C 8.2/8.3, MSSQL 2005/2012/2014, Kerio Connect/Workspace, ERAS, Acronis Advanced; - Network/Security Equipment: Cisco C2600, C3700, C7200, IPS/IDS 4215, ASA 5520, Mikrotik RB450/750/950/1100AH, D-Link DGS-1210, DNS-320L etc