Обо мне

Я ищу работу со знанием C++, 
Я использовал SFML, OpenGL, 2D, 3D, Писал физику для игры и математику, 

Я хотел бы найти удаленную работу, так же готов к переезду если вы готовы мне помочь!

https://www.instagram.com/maraby.ru_/ ( мой сайт, временно приостановлен, создавал его один, как и все остальное! )
https://github.com/idris070/My-code ( тут описан мой код,  проекты не залиты! )
https://store.steampowered.com/app/804210/Star_Advent/ ( Игра в steam на C++, openGL и прочих библиотеках)


Hello, I'ma C/C ++ programmer, started writing in C ++ 3 years ago, and since then I have been intensively engaged in C ++, as well as before I studied web programming, I was doing this for about 5-6 years,

on C ++, I wrote 3D algorithms, clients-servers for the game, was engaged in vector mathematics (was necessary when writing a game engine) also I was engaged in modeling, drawing (in these areas, I do not have much experience)

I created my own applications on visual studio 2012 (2017) in windows environment, wrote multiplayer for my game, I also have a game 1 published game in steam called Star advent

I wrote a project tankbattle (temporary title), it took about 2 years, I started to do them in 2D, eventually thought about 3D, but the project was too complicated, and I temporarily suspended it, it was difficult for me to do it alone, and I'm not really communicative to attract people,

I know English at the text level! I speak weakly on it!

on C ++ I used the SFML library, I really liked it, I also fumbled with opengl, glsl, when creating 3d, combined these 2 technologies, I used the assimp library to import models and work with them, sometimes I spent so much time on it that it seems it would be easier to write your importer, in my game star advent, it is written in C ++, and I wrote the 3d engine myself, with 3D I got acquainted with olgdev projects, they helped me to understand much!

I am also familiar with web programming, with many of its spheres, I created a trading site for 4-5 years ago, but I could not promote it, I was too withdrawn, I made business cards and so on, but it was difficult for me to interact with people and lacked some experience to promote my trading platform.

My experience in C ++ is about 2-3 years, but this experience is very intense, I did not leave the house, all I did was this time, it was sitting at the computer and trying to realize my dreams, generally one of the moments when I lost heart is my StarAdvent, yes it is very simple, in the process of communicating with a friend I decided to make a small project, I spent 1 month to create this game!

And I was disappointed with the result that I got, I do not think that my game deserves much attention, but I just expected to get a certain amount of money for the time spent, but received only negative feedback (it was difficult for me to do the game alone, draw, model,  also so on)

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