Как вы себя чувствуете в самоизоляции, как адаптируетесь, как работаете, какими привычками обзаводитесь — об этом наш новый опрос. Пройдите его (займёт 10 минут) и в конце узнайте, как дела у других.
Обо мне

I'm an enthusiastic Software Developer specialized in Mobile Application Development. There is no concept like "I can not" for me. I will perform the task even if I have not done it before! Solid understanding of full mobile and software development life cycles, UIX, web analytics, changing web standards, and Agile methodologies.

Профессиональные навыки
Опыт работы
Idrak Technology Transfer
Senior Software Engineer
Март 2018 — По настоящее время (2 года и 2 месяца)
RabitaBank OJSC
Chief Specialist/Mobile Banking
Октябрь 2017 — Март 2018 (6 месяцев)
Software Developer
Октябрь 2016 — Октябрь 2017 (1 год и 1 месяц)

• Android applica-ons developing

• Real--me API’s/Rest API’s developing

• Exposure to real-time data processing.

• Exposure to video processing algorithms and libraries such as FFmpeg, LAV.

• Work with so1ware team members on efficient implementa-on of our state-of-the-art video processing algorithms.

• Android Applica-ons for mul-media. Stream player, Music player, Mul-media editors and other mul-media tools

• Augmented Reality Technologies

• Mobile Ads & Analy-cs

• Developing Mobile Games

Android/IOS Developer
Июль 2016 — Сентябрь 2016 (3 месяца)
• Android/iOS applications developing • Real-time data processing • Live score information systems • News applications
Частная практика, работа без зачисления в штат
Android/IOS Developer
Май 2016 — Октябрь 2017 (1 год и 6 месяцев)

• Android apps developing

• Server-side processing shells

• Video Processing algorithms.

• OpenCV & JavaCV

• Augmented reality apps with OpenStreetMap, Loca-on, Image and Object Targeting.

• Road scanning and analyze algorithms.

• Google Map/Direc-ons API real--me cargo tracking system.

• Mailing system Applica-on.

• Mobile Ad SDK

• Chroma key removal algorithm.

• Flight -ckets buy & reserva-on applica-on

• Mobile Payment Plaform App

Happy Baku
Android Developer / Team Leader
Апрель 2013 — Май 2016 (3 года и 2 месяца)
Project lead of mobile development team for various Happy Baku Corporation Android projects. Collaborate with marketing, key executives, UI designers, and other developers to develop cutting edge applications for the different sector without jeopardizing data privacy or security. • E-ticket system/QR -checking system for mobile devices • Mobile operators services API’s and Mobile Applica-ons (Azercell, Narmobile) • Working Real-time instant messaging protocols XMPP, MTProto, RabbitMQ • Product management • E-goverment projects • E-library projects • IPTv software/hardware • Streaming protocols • Event manager projects • E-commerce mobile applications plaform • E-board projects • Mobile payment system • Scanning documents and E-document system • Real-time video streaming protocols
Backend/Android Developer
Сентябрь 2012 — Апрель 2013 (8 месяцев)
Football Betting System • Online betting system • Real-time API’s • Online payment • Live score & Betting web apps
Высшее образование
Азербайджанский индустриальный университет
Сентябрь 2012—Май 2015 (2 года и 8 месяцев)