Обо мне

* 8 years commercial full-stack JavaScript development (Node.js, TypeScript). Also tried Golang, PHP, C#, Swift etc;

* Good skills as software architect - Domain Driven Design, Event Storming, Clean Architecture, SOLID;

* Production experience with PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Clickhouse(cluster), Redis. Also in small or test projects - Memcahed, Tarantool, SQLite;

* Production experience with docker, docker-compose, kubernetes;

* Used Sphinx, ElasticSearch. Nats, Kafka, RabitMQ, queues base on Redis;

* Knowledges and skills for building high-load systems: sharding, replication, queues, caching, algorithms optimization etc;

* Production experience in frontend technology: HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Vue, AngularJs(old version), Jquery, Backbone.js, Socket.IO
+ many libs и plugins(i18n, vee-validate etc), for building - Webpack, in past - Gulp, tried React, React-Native, Ionic Framework;

* Rest, GrapqhQL, GRPC, JSON API;

* Unit, integrations, e2e testing: mocha (or jest), chai, karma, phantomjs. NYC for test coverage. Have experience TDD;

* experience integrations with payments systems: PayPal, ROBOKASSA, PayMaster;

* Advanced unix user. 

Профессиональные навыки
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Мониторинг интернет-рекламы
Software Architect, tech/team lead
Январь 2019 — По настоящее время (1 год и 10 месяцев)

- As software architect: design and implement highly-scalable and maintainable application architecture. Use Domain Driven Design patterns, draw context map, . This role most interesting for me.

- As a technical lead: responsible for choosing a branching strategy (git-flow | github-flow | gitlab-flow), tasks for DevOps engineers, CI/CD pipelines, Merge Request strategy, Code Review rules, technical dept control etc.

- As team lead: build workflows, write handbooks and guides for typical operations, integrations between tools (Jira, Gitlab, Slack, etc), technical interviews for new candidates for the team.

- As senior developer: write node.js/vue.js applications and tests (unit, integrations, e2e), implements helpers scripts, migrations, refactoring code.

Full Stack Web Developer
Май 2018 — Январь 2019 (9 месяцев)

Development traffic analytics system and frauds detection algorithms. Building dashboard for management and data analysis antifraud system

OnePlace Media
FullStack Developer
Ноябрь 2017 — Май 2018 (7 месяцев)

Development open-source client for the https://steem.com and https://golos.io blockchain platforms.


Телекоммуникации, интернет маркетинг, мобильная реклама, IT- подходы в рекламной сфере
Full Stack Web Developer, Team lead
Октябрь 2016 — Ноябрь 2017 (1 год и 2 месяца)

ViaPush project (https://viapush.com/). SAAS project for sending push notifications with targeting, statistics, JSON API, triggered mailings, one-click integration with popular CMS, etc.

* Write technical specifications, architecture development;

* Development backend (several APIs, micro-services for sending push notifications via GCM, FCM, APNS). Used Node.js, MongoDB, Redis. Horizontal scaling, but in reality, one node was enough for everything;

* Development client SDK and ServiceWorker. JavaScript (ES6), IndexedDB, Babel and WebPack.

* Development statistics module

* Team management (5 people). Define tasks, helping in solving problems.

* Create system monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana). Development technical specifications for a frontend developer, control and code review of other developers;

* Writing tests and documentation;

* Implementation of continuous integration (drone);

* Basic server setup;

Lead FullStack Web Developer
Сентябрь 2013 — Ноябрь 2016 (3 года и 3 месяца)

* Refactoring and support of existing projects (first 2-3 months);

* Development high-load projects, statistics and analytics systems, hundreds of millions of requests per day. As well as banner networks with various ad formats, more than 30 million requests for display ads per day. All projects was written in native node.js;

* Development complete RTB ecosystem. Integration with partners via the openRTB protocol;

* Development of a backend for analyzing malware on the client (something like an antivirus for adware, miners and tunnels).

* Tuning of application work in production and ensuring fault tolerance;

* Development of monitoring systems, data aggregation daemons, systems for analyzing user behavior and determining their demographic component, targeting systems, as well as analytics and financial forecasts;

* Mentor of new developers, management of a small team (setting tasks, code review), 3-4 people. Consulting other developers about application architecture. Interviews new developers, making decisions on dismissals;

* Implementation and testing of new technologies;

* Resolving controversial technical issues in conflict situations with partners;

* Writing technical documentation;

* Author of over 120 git repositories, this is both a backend for various client applications (Windows), and full-stack projects consisting of several repositories, focused on working in a server cluster with the ability to scale out.

Февраль 2013 — Март 2013 (2 месяца)
* Разработка и поддержка проектов на Bitrix; * Разработка скриптов для автоматизации работы других отделов.
Октябрь 2012 — Февраль 2013 (5 месяцев)
* Разработка нескольких сайтов для организации, в основном на CMS. * SEO оптимизация и администрирование вышеперечисленных сайтов; * Верстка e-mail рассылок.
Разработка справочно-правовой системы "КонсультантПлюс"
Специалист технической поддержки
Январь 2012 — Июнь 2012 (6 месяцев)
* Техническое консультирование клиентов по программам электронного документооборота; * Установка и настройка средств криптографии и программ электронного документооборота; * Документооборот; * Разработка сайта для компании(небольшой 'самописный' движок на PHP) ; * Верстка e-mailрассылок.
Ezel-Ebed records
Июль 2009 — Июль 2013 (4 года и 1 месяц)
* Написание музыки по контракту; * Организатор семи музыкальных фестивалей в Новосибирске; * Выступления и букинг артистов;
Высшее образование
Сибирская академия государственной службы
Факультет: Юридический
Сентябрь 2005—Июнь 2011 (5 лет и 9 месяцев)
Психолог, преподаватель психологии