Читаете ли вы блог Хабр Карьеры? Если да — оцените, как мы справляемся. А если нет — расскажите, что читаете для развития карьеры. Пройти опрос (займет 5-7 минут)
Обо мне

Hi :) I am Hayk, 28 years old. I have a master's degree from the State Engineering University of Armenia.For me, first of all, is to do absolutely work without any mistakes and missing a thing, of course, available in short time. I worked with many languages and frameworks.

I am a web/mobile developer with 5+ years of experience.I have an experience with client-side frameworks and libraries such as React, AngularJS (Ionic , onsen ui) , Ext JS (Sencha Touch) , jQuery ,etc.

I have experience with React Native which is more powerful than Cordova.It is not webview, uses native components and has better performance than cordova.js based applications.

For frontend depending on the app, I can use some additional technologies like (bootstrap, sass, less).

For the backend, I use PHP ( Laravel, Symphony, Yii framework, Yii 2 framework, custom library).

Профессиональные навыки
HTMLCSSSassWordpressScssLessReact.jsReduxReact NativeWebpack
Опыт работы
Forbri LCC
Web/Mobile developer
Январь 2015 — Март 2017 (2 года и 3 месяца)
Высшее образование
American University in Washington DC
Вашингтон, DC
Факультет: Arts and Sciences
Сентябрь 2010—Май 2014 (3 года и 8 месяцев)