Обо мне

I am Web Developer based in Ukraine. I have more than 3 years of experience building interfaces, web apps, and web services. I mostly do front-end development, but I am capable to ship full stack solutions as well.

My front-end stack includes modern tools like Vue.js, Nuxt.js. For back-end I prefer custom Node.js API solutions or headless CMS's like Strapi, Ghost, WordPress REST API, Storyblok, Prismic, etc. This stack allows me to build blazing fast, great looking and flexible web applications, ready for scaling and adding new features.

Also, I am a big fan of great modern design, I spent free time learning it, and this background helps me to develop useful front-end skills, like attention to details, microinteractions, animations, and typography.

As for animations, I have special relationships with them. My principles include: never make animations only if you like it — they must make sense; never trade-off app performance for animations; use animation to give web app native-like look. I prefer to use animation effects mostly for microinteractions, morphing and organic page transitions.

In my development process I follow design systems principles and using modern front-end tools like Vue.js allowes me to apply web components patterns into my design system.

I've worked with numerous SEO and Social Media oriented companies and marketers, and I've run multiple successful affiliate projects by myself in the past. This experience gives me a solid knowledge of necessary marketing optimizations, technical SEO tweaks that almost any commercial web project needs.

My clients include Hype Hype Hype, itmeo, Sight Unseen, Soho House, Rakuten, Deloitte Digital, Tivoli Audio, Uplaunch, etc. I've worked with agencies, affiliate marketers, indie hackers, media buyers and even adult webmasters. If you want to be one of them — drop me an email.

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