Опыт работы
mlk trade
Chief Information Officer (ИТ Директор)
Декабрь 2009 — По настоящее время (10 лет и 9 месяцев)
Responsibilities: Developing a database, creating stored procedures and triggers. Implementation of business logic and data access levels. Queries have been optimized to reduce network traffic, SQL performance tuning, unit and integration testing have been made. Implemented multithreading. User interface developed. Tools: ASP.NET, MVC 5, Web API, C#.NET, .NET Core, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, Visual Studio, WCF, REST, Web API, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, angular.js, React, AJAX, SQL Server, T-SQL, NoSQL, SSRS, LINQ, Git, Scrum/Agile. Achievements: A new CRM system was developed, which allowed not only to keep up to date (optimally using the company's resources), but also made it possible for our partners to purchase the necessary set of modules based on their needs. This CRM includes modules: stock accounting logistics integration with payment systems and POST terminals reporting and sales planning work time accounting and payroll integration with external information exchange systems with suppliers and contractors Planning, setting and monitoring tasks Position: .Net Software Developer Responsibilities: Database design, participation in the creation of business logic and implementation of data exchange with the trading platform http://mlk-trade.com/ and https://apparelplace.com.ua/ Implementation of product card modules, basket, credit debt, financial reporting, billing LINQ is implemented for querying, sorting, filtering complex objects. Implemented AJAX functions for partial page rendering. Optimized queries to reduce network traffic. Participates in unit testing, unit testing and integration testing. Tools: C#.NET, .NET Core, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, Visual Studio, WCF, REST, Web API, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, SQL Server, T-SQL, MySQL, LINQ, Git, Scrum/Agile. Achievements: A system has been developed with the integration of a modern trading platform that will allow you to sell not only your own goods, but also give everyone the opportunity to trade. Responsibilities: Database development. Coding business logic levels and data access levels. Development of web - API for mobile devices. Developed by ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms application. Optimized queries. Participated in unit and integration testing. Tools: C # .NET, .NET Core, MVC, Web API, .NET Framework, Entity Framework, Android (Java), Visual Studio, WCF, REST, Web API, XML, AJAX, JSON, SQL Server, SQLite, T- SQL, LINQ, WinForms, Git, Scrum / Agile. Achievements: the developers of the mobile version got the opportunity to receive information about debts / payments. Implementing the ability to search for sales agents and plan their downloads. Reduce the cost of gasoline. Receive reporting on exhibition products in a shop window. Make online pay for goods and the ability to print a check. Questioning counterparties. Allowed counterparties to work independently with returns. Production reconciliation of funds without recourse to accounting. Allowed agents to trade with wheels. It is also possible to receive tasks, not to send to the office, but to send a report on the work done. For remote areas, the ability to work along the line with updated data on a command has been implemented. Bonus discounts and loyalty programs are implemented.
Высшее образование
Харьковский национальный университет радиоэлектроники
Факультет: Компьютерных наук; КН
Сентябрь 2003—Июль 2007 (3 года и 10 месяцев)