Sergey Tolmachev

Backend JS/TS developer · Бэкенд · Разработка ПО · Средний (Middle)
От 145 000 ₽ · Не ищу работу
Возраст: 28 лет
Опыт работы: 4 года и 3 месяца
Регистрация: 16.08.2018
Последний визит: сегодня
Местоположение: Россия, Иркутск
Профессиональные навыки: JavaScript · Typescript · Node.js · PostgreSQL · MySQL · Docker · MongoDB · Redis · Amazon AWS · NestJS
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Обо мне

About me: I like programming and everything around programming. Sometimes I don't like to be a developer especially when there are boring tasks at work. Anyway I like what I do and my profession)

I have enough self discipline to work remotely;
I have enough passion to explore and learn new technologies/conceptions by myself;
I have enough soft skills to work in different teams and environments;

I like to explore business tasks and find optimal solutions. Every solved task helps me to understand subject deeper;

If there is time to have some fun with my teammates, I am in it)

Опыт работы

  • Разрабатываем ПО для сборки и доставки продуктов
    Москва · От 10 до 100 сотрудников
    Backend разработчик
    Декабрь 2020 — По настоящее время (2 месяца)

    Develop microservices, convert data

  • Ltd Cherehapa
    Backend developer
    Январь 2020 — Декабрь 2020 (1 год)

    I rewrited current API from PHP (Laravel) to new technologies stack:
    - NestJs + Sequelize (Typescript);
    - MySQL;
    - Redis;
    - Amazon SQS;
    - Amazon S3;

    There were several optimisations in APIs workflow during rewriting API.

    While I was rewritting I integrated different insurance companies APIs into our system. These APIs have different desings such as REST and SOAP.

    I worked in team which responsibility was "shared services". These services are used by whole company. Services such as:
    - payment service with multi payment types and providers;
    - sms service which support different providers;
    - email service;
    - pdf generation service from handlebars templates;
    - email templates generation service;

    Another one main responsibility was developing database sctructure, schemas, tables, dataflow etc.

    I used docker and docker-compose in my daily routine to deploy APIs locally.

    There were kibana and teamcity on our test servers.

    Sometimes I added features in current project's frontend:

    - ReactJS (Redux);
    - Svelte;
    - backbone(jquery)

  • Ltd Regionconsalt
    NodeJs backend developer
    Октябрь 2018 — Декабрь 2019 (1 год и 3 месяца)

    I developed new services using this stack:

    - NestJS + TypeORM (Typescript);
    - Redis;
    - Docker;

    I added new features in current API and frontend:

    - Angular;
    - SailsJS;
    - PostgreSQL;

    My main responsibility was adding new features in current project;

    The main task was - writing service to transfer credit histories data into special aggregator - Equifax;

    - Authorisation using TLS;
    - Sign and encrypt using CryptoPRO with russian standart GOST R 34.10 / GOST R 34.11;
    - Generating reports in XML;

  • ЗАО "Востсибстрой"
    Backend developer
    Сентябрь 2016 — Июль 2018 (1 год и 11 месяцев)

    I developed company's tools for internal using. Tools such as:

    - Data analyzer to make decisions about participation in tenders;
    - Data analyzer about workers and machines costs to decrease expenses;

    - ExpressJS;
    - Sequelise;
    - PostgreSQL;
    - Redis;

Высшее образование

  • ИрНИТУ

    Иркутский национальный исследовательский технический университет
    Иркутск · 242 выпускника
    Строительства и городского хозяйства
    Сентябрь 2009 — Июнь 2014 (4 года и 9 месяцев)