Как вы себя чувствуете в самоизоляции, как адаптируетесь, как работаете, какими привычками обзаводитесь — об этом наш новый опрос. Пройдите его (займёт 10 минут) и в конце узнайте, как дела у других.
Обо мне

Hello {{ username }},My name is Filipp and I'm a python geek, devops and software engineer from Minsk.Also I'm a 'scanner' that mean that I like to learn something new and discover how things works under the hood and share that knowledge, and Ops position gives me that. And I have more than three years of DevOps practice that have provided me with strong skills in high load distributed projects, microservices, monitoring, configuration, deployment, tests and continuous integration.I have already mentioned that I'm in love with Python and Ansible, haven't it? =)Desired Improvement Areas:

  • technical evangelist
  • devops, sysop
  • developer
Профессиональные навыки
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
DevOps on remote contract
Май 2016 — По настоящее время (4 года)
Development for environment Configuration, Automation and Orchestration with AWS, Saltstack and Jenkins Operations 12\7 Duty clients support Environment: - AWS cloud - Saltstack - Jenkins - AWS linux, Ubuntu - English meetings, communications, docs
Bespoken software development
Ноябрь 2015 — Февраль 2016 (4 месяца)
Development for environment To facilitate operations I developed automation with Ansible: scale infrastructure with Amazon EC2 and Docker, deploy MongoDB cluster with replication and sharding, setup monitoring with ElastAlert and other stuff. Also I didn't forgot about testing and CI: we used a bundle of Vagrant and Jenkins. Environment: - AWS cloud - Ansible - Docker, Vagrant - AWS linux - Russian and English meetings, communications, docs
Один из мировых лидеров геймдева, создатель лучшей онлайн-игры World of Tanks
software engineer
Июль 2012 — Октябрь 2015 (3 года и 4 месяца)
Deployment I take an active part in the monthly releases of our projects. Day, night, weekends… In addition, I create and maintain our local environment for QA with continuous integration and autobuilds. Operations I'm part of our 24/7/365 support as L2 duty. Integration in current environment I'm a responsible for the World of Tanks Xbox project from the very start. I helped the Chicago studio with the development and integration of this project, designed the implementation and maintenance scheme from scratch. I also took it upon myself to participate in the integration of other projects. Development for our environment A large and complex project requires a special attitude. As part of the team I participate in the development and implementation of new standards and services to support our projects: scripts for deployment and environment with Fabric, Ansible and Puppet; improvement for monitoring with Zabbix and Sensu; collecting metrics; tests - it's only a small part of work. Documentation Writing documentation and To-Do's is part of my daily work. Also I implement autogeneration for api documentation with Pdoc, MkDocs and ReadTheDocs. Communication and Evangelism I'm a presenter and speaker at Minsk Python Meetup as well as at the internal meetups of our company. Environment: - high load: thousands of bare metal servers and over a hundred thousand log messages and events per second - multiple programming languages and technologies: Python, Ruby, C++, Erlang - multiple os: CentOs, Ubuntu, Windows - multiple datacenters: RU, EU, US, ASIA, CN - multiple developer studios: Minsk, Kiev, St. Peterburg, Chicago - multiple languages: Russian and English meetings, communications, docs