Dmitry Pryadkin

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Опыт работы: 12 лет и 11 месяцев
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Местоположение: Россия, Челябинск
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Обо мне

Senior Software Developer at Applied Technologies, Ltd. (Russia, fulltime) 

December 2008 - Present 

MDM Solution – frontend development for a high-load service in Javascript/Qooxdoo and later React (Next.JS), occasional backend development. Frontend in MDM is about editing, navigating and displaying data in various forms.  Team of 3-7 frontend developers. 

IBM Mainframe application frontend – development of PC and Web Frontends for a mainframe application, using Eclipse RCP, in a team of 2-5 developers, lead developer. 

ERP system - on-demand development of ERP system for local municipal estate management. Used Java 1.6, JBoss, Rich Faces, Hibernate ORM. Developed forms, accounting services, analytics, in a team of 10-12 developers. 

Statistical analysis of search requests – as part of the MDM solution I scripted a Python Jupyter notebook to highlight most common user searching patterns and prototyped prediction of the pattern to help users save their time, naïve Bayesian classifier was used, personal initiative. 

Localization automation – as part of MDM solution I scripted internationalization resource reconciler that detects new resources and sends them to translators, personal initiative. 

ESP8266 Microcontroller programming – prototyping a device with websocket service as part of online monitoring system, in a team of 3-5 members, single part developer. 

WebRTC Teleconferencing – implementing WebRTC teleconferencing module in Typescript (React, Redux, Thunk) for a messenger service, prototyping Signaling protocol, setting up TURN and STUN servers. Team 10-15 members, single part developer.  

SCADA, Modbus – setting up a stand with TCP-to-Modbus hub and a few sensors, making a Web service for sensor data acquisition. 

Jenkins plugin - development of a test reporting and analytics plugin for CI/CD Jenkins server. Used Java, Typescript, React, Plugin also uses SVN to store data artefacts. Team 3-5 members, lead developer. 

Mastered and used instruments: 

  • Deep knowledge of Eclipse RCP, Apache Tomcat 
  • Knowledge of some Z/OS mainframe aspects 
  • Programming in Java, Javascript, Typescript, C/C++ 
  • Learned React and ES6 and improved Javascript  
  • Worked with WebRTC  
  • Occasionally been creating Docker containers for various software, used Ansible for orchestration 
  • Used Amazon AWS – DynamoDB 
  • Used Google Cloud Platform  
  • OWASP, Black Duck – conducted automated code checks for security breaches and 3rd-party license issues 
  • Codebase migrations from CVS, SVN to GIT 
  • Filesystems – ZFS, BTRFS used for keeping historic snapshots 
  • Worked with Search Engines – Apache Lucene, Sphinx 
  • Worked with ANTLR – parsing configs and some proprietary programming languages 
  • Implemented authentication with OAuth, single sign-on (SSO) and LDAP

Dmitry Pryadkin sole entrepreneur 

June 2007 

Industrial calculators for Saint Gobain Isover plant, widely used, shown on first page - used Javascript, Bootstrap library, Drupal CMS. 

Helix machine control software for shown here - the software written in Javascript, it also shows simulation of the process using 3d Graphics in Three.JS. 

Industrial calculator for EJOT RU  - used a new to me framework Flutter, packed native apps for IOS, Android and Windows with ease. I liked how quickly Flutter allowed me making a responsible UI. I want to use it again for some creative project. 

PC Indie game “Space Journey” - C++, Directdraw, 2d arcade, for Bigfish publisher (it didn’t sell well) 


Formerly was a C/C++ developer in microcontrollers programming and indie game development.  

In my work I use Version Control Systems, Filesystems, SQL and NoSQL Database Engines, practicing Test-Driven Development, RESTful application design and Object Oriented Programming. I’m aware of various patterns and models -- MVC, MVP, MVVM. I usually pay attention to Big-O, but don't seek premature optimization. 

As a hobby I make small mechanisms, robots and UAV drones with help of 3d printers and simulations in CAD software.  I practice ML and bigdata, acquainted with it through sensor data analysis, my instruments in this field are Python and Jupyter notebook.   

I’m non-conflict, polite, reliable and proactive. I’m well aware of modern software development methodologies such as Agile / Scrum, Waterfall and RAD. 


Russian  Native  

English TOEFL high intermediate 

German basic reading 

Опыт работы

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  • ЮУрГУ

    Южно-Уральский государственный университет
    Челябинск · 1041 выпускник
    Приборостроительный (Компьютерные технологии, управление, радиоэлектроника)
    Январь 2001 — По настоящее время (20 лет)