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Крупнейший транснациональный и универсальный банк России
Senior Software Engineer
Июнь 2019 — По настоящее время (8 месяцев)
  • Created a front-end for two domestic banking products in a short time, as a part of an agile team.
  • Implementing new features in products in a two weeks scrum development sprints.
  • Designed products OData APIs structure in collaboration with SAP back-end developers.
  • Optimized performance of React web applications to increase application speed by 3 times.
  • Taking part in the development of products UI and UX design.
  • Participating in project meetings with back-end developers, QA engineers, business owners, and subject matter experts.
  • Helped to intern-developers to create a data-visualization product which shows orders status.
Upwork / SeeItAll (seeitall.nl, Netherlands)
WEB Developer | UI/UX Designer
Февраль 2019 — По настоящее время (1 год)
  • Developing and improving three products, which uses by Netherlands Railway Company and other clients in the Netherlands.
  • Created one of the products completely, include UI/UX design to demonstrate for customers.
  • Creating APIs structure in teamed with back-end developers.
  • Taking part in developing ideas for solving customer problems in partnered with company managers.
Individual entrepreneur (project: Rostech rostec.ru)
Team leader / Software architect
Август 2018 — Июнь 2019 (11 месяцев)
  • Participated in the project of creating a financially-budgetary system for Rostec Corporation, which is used in more than ten enterprises.
  • Led team of two - five developers, to design, build and launch integration subsystem and MDM subsystem.
  • Directed the work of developers, setting and monitoring development tasks through Jira.
  • Designed the subsystem architecture, provide code reviews every two weeks, writing project documentation.
  • Developed a system that exchanges more than 500,000 packages per day between enterprises.
  • Built tools for providing auto end-to-end testing of the integration subsystem to reduce the time of developers to testing on each release.
  • Held meetings with the customer to collect requirements and demonstrate solutions in a two weeks releases cycle.
Лидер отрасли ИТ-сервиса и аутсорсинга
Software Architect
Ноябрь 2016 — Август 2018 (1 год и 10 месяцев)
  • Took part in more than ten projects of ERP systems implementation for big enterprise companies: ROSATOM, INTER RAO, REPH, Khrunichev space center, Gazprom.
  • Developed database structure, user interfaces, business logic, migrated data from old systems, optimized of SQL queries and structure of databases, wrote project documentation and user instructions.
Многопрофильная консалтинговая группа
Senior Software Developer
Апрель 2015 — Ноябрь 2016 (1 год и 8 месяцев)
Software Developer
Февраль 2013 — Февраль 2015 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Software Developer
Октябрь 2011 — Февраль 2013 (1 год и 5 месяцев)
Дон консультант
IT Service Engineer
Декабрь 2010 — Октябрь 2011 (11 месяцев)