Читаете ли вы блог Хабр Карьеры? Если да — оцените, как мы справляемся. А если нет — расскажите, что читаете для развития карьеры. Пройти опрос (займет 5-7 минут)
Обо мне

Hi. My name is Nickolay. I started programming back in 2010. I started with the layout of sites, then the backend. I studied php. Started to write servers on kohana, laravel. Used jquery on the client. After 2 years of experience I decided to switch completely to nodejs. Started to study nodejs in terms of server programming. Backend used express, switched to koa after koa2. I remember using a jade on frontend. After a while I learned about react from facebook. I tried it, I liked the component approach very much. I tried the Vuejs, but the applications all started to write on reactjs. In 2015, facebook presented react native. React native was very good in terms of rendering and performance. Today I use koa2 on the server. On the frontend I use react/redux. I use react native in mobile development. Behind the back more than 6 years in web development, and 2 years in mobile development. Plans to learn golang from google and dart.

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