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Опыт работы
Нижний Новгород
Lead Engineer
Январь 2011 — Сентябрь 2016 (5 лет и 9 месяцев)
Project: “Equipment for internal communication and switching” www.gzas.ru Design and software development for complex testing of equipment for internal communication and switching. Testing with usage of elaborated virtual panels according to predefined internal protocol. Realized multiple automation test cases for all possible internal mechanisms of the equipment. Developed automatic statistics collecting for reporting of the working state of equipment.
“Volga-Petroleum Ltd.”
Нижний Новгород
Software Developer
Январь 2008 — Январь 2011 (3 года и 1 месяц)
Project: “VP OFFICE” www.volga-petroleum.ru Elaboration of distributed system: fuel stations – head office – web site. Realization of company informational center to keep all statistics related with clients and fuel stations. Design and development of database to keep information about all clients of the company, fuel stations, fuel cards and fuel coupons: Realization of data exchange between “1C” and “VP OFFICE” with using COM mechanisms. Generations of “1C” objects that based on “VP OFFICE” database information and vice versa. Created web site with private cabinet for every client of the company. Reporting with XML. Graphic statistics. Usage of scanners, card readers and other devices.
“Skilligent Ltd.”
Нижний Новгород
Team Leader
Январь 2006 — Январь 2008 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Project: “Common Cluster Framework” www.skilligent.com (CF is a software library that enables creation of scalable, fault-resilient, distributed, high-performance and carrier-grade systems based on regular commercial-off-the-shelf computing hardware. It was dedicated to be used in for building applications in telecommunications, industrial control and robotics domains as well as embedded systems such as mobile robot control.) Elaboration of the project from the scratch. Design and development of the following components and subsystems: Logger and Tracer, Statistics Facility, Object Repository, Timer Facility, Configuration Management Facility, Directory Facility, State Machine, Load-Balancing, Network Element Manager (SNMP). Realization of Resource Adaptor Containers as mechanisms to provide programming interface to external systems: SS7 (CAP, AIN, MAP) and SIP protocol stacks, etc. Realization of the Guardian process. Creation the system to be configurable in one of the following configurations: standalone, active-standby, active-active, N+1. Fault-tolerance approach (replication, recovery, reconciliation). Analysis, coding, testing, stability, optimization and performance, documentation.
“Broadsplash LLC”
Software Developer
Январь 2004 — Январь 2005 (1 год и 1 месяц)
Project: “Callshop Realtime Viewer Application” / “Asterisk” (“Open Source hybrid VoIP/TDM PBX Server”) configuration management.” www.broadsplash.net Work with the customer. Target setting. Analysis. Design. Implementation. Documentation. Testing. Accomplishments and implementations: - Design and realization of additional functionality for “Asterisk” Server: embedding “C” code into common Asterisk realization. The code helps to convert flat file “Asterisk” configuration data into MySQL database storage and vice versa. - “Asterisk Configuration Manager Application” allows manipulation of Asterisk configuration data to be stored in MySQL database. - “Callshop Realtime Viewer Application” allows a multi line client to show call detail activity on a Windows-based client using sockets. It allows the supervisory user to set rates for specific destinations, to create and display usage reports which show call costs and price as well as running totals per line on a daily weekly and monthly basis. Additional functionality related with call detail records.
Разработка программного обеспечения на заказ
Нижний Новгород
Software Designer
Январь 2003 — Январь 2005 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Project: “GSM OAM R&D: Operation & Maintenance Center Platform – Radio Part (OMC-R)” www.nortelnetworks.com Fault Management. Wireless networks theory. Development. Sustain engineering. Code support. Code enhancement. Documentation. Testing. Facilitation and resolving of Customer (“Orange”, “T-Mobile”, “Microcell Connexions”, etc) complaints. Facilitation and resolving of internal requests. Identifying, analyzing and solving technical or functional problem.
Consul-Incom Ltd.
Нижний Новгород
Software Developer
Январь 2001 — Январь 2003 (2 года и 1 месяц)
Project: Development and design of the “Financier” system special for “FORA” Fund (The Fund for Support of Micro Entrepreneurship, a member of “Opportunity International Network”). www.forafund.ru Accomplishments and implementations: - Project model design and elaboration. - Server functionality realization. - Design and realization of client interface. - Data exchange among elements of hierarchical structure of databases using externalization & internalization processing based on Externalization Service specification. - Driver for sending / receiving of mail for Transport Service using MAPI. - XML parser, lexer and report generator to represent and manipulate database values for reports of “Financier” project. - Closed day daemon – console utility. - Widgets design and interface functionality. - Methods and servants for server functionality. - Extended widgets library – modified widgets for CORBA-methods and CORBA-objects to manipulate. - Useful library of uniform universal CORBA-methods invoking and database CORBA-values retrieving using Dynamic Invocation Interface (DII specification). - Project migration from UNIX to Windows using MSVC. - Project building using Make utilities and workspaces.
Высшее образование
Нижегородский государственный университет имени Н.И. Лобачевского
Нижний Новгород
Факультет: Вычислительной математики и кибернетики
Сентябрь 1996—Июль 2001 (4 года и 10 месяцев)
1996–2001 N.I.LOBACHEVSKY NIZHNY NOVGOROD STATE UNIVERSITY (NNGU) Computer Mathematics and Cybernetics (VMK) Department Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics