Обо мне

About me

Love modern technologies and try to implement them inside my projects. Learn about all trends in UI/UX intefaces to provide best results for my clients. I think - there is no limits in
self improvement, that why i’m try to stay step forward in new programming technologies.

Was worked in Russian and Czech companies as outsource full stack developer (remotely).
helped them to provide good working website for their clients.

I know how deadlines and regular communication is important for companies, to make
successful result.

Summary of Qualification

• Frontend and Backend developer with 6+ years of experience
• Using most recent technologies in my work, which allow to provide strong, user friendly and high load supported apps.
• Work for best result, love to communicate with another developers who wants to
making world better.
• Solve any kind of problems in my work, always find out a best solutions.

Профессиональные навыки
Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
Декабрь 2011 — По настоящее время (8 лет и 11 месяцев)

Интернет-агенство Danialart (далее - коллектив) было основано в конце 2011 года. В состав нашего коллектива входят талантливые веб-разработчики и художники (дизайнеры). Мы любим свою работу и в каждый проект вкладываем много времени и усилий, мы ставит приоритеты на качество, а не на количество!