Full-time course «Full stack web developer. JavaScript». English taught

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Фулстек разработчик · JavaScript · Node.js · CSS · ReactJS · ExpressJS · HTML · Scss

Где проходит обучение

Россия, Москва

Начало учёбы и длительность

14 июня 2021 · 3 месяца


250 000 рублей

Описание курса

Become a front-end web developer or a full-stack web developer. Learn to code with the most popular programming languages and frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Express, SQL, Node.js

Elbrus Coding Bootcamp is suitable for those who want to get the skills of fullstack development in JavaScript in a short time and get a job.

Web Development Instructor


Before coming to Elbrus, Louis worked for four years at Google in San Francisco on internal security/machine learning research, payment fraud and payments pipelines. Before that, he started as an intern on the Google Shopping Express team.

He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Harvard University. As a student, he worked on research in human-computer interaction, and later, programming-language based security. His senior thesis examined the application of string constraint analysis to detection of SQL injection attacks.

On the side, he currently works at his own startup. At the moment, he splits his time between teaching and his education startup enhanced spaced repetition software for medical students.

His passion for teaching has led him to teach a hodgepodge of subjects: computer science, standardized testing, dance, public speaking, and now web development. Before Elbrus, he served as the lead instructor for two cohorts of bootcamp students at Re:Coded.