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О компании «Urban Connect»

What this whole thing is about?

First of all, look at our brand new web site we recently deployed: https://urban-connect.com. Isn’t this bike / car / train animation awesome?

Generally speaking, Urban Connect is a multi-modal mobility platform for businesses that offers an ecosystem of low-emission shared vehicles. We provide different vehicle types to companies: bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters, cargo bikes, e-cars, etc - with all of them bookable via our application. Recently we also added integration with public transport and implemented corporate mobility budget management tool. Parking is coming.

In addition, our platform allows companies to implement simple integration of existing vehicle fleets to measure usage and emissions. In this context, the platform helps our clients build an optimized, climate neutral, cost-effective mobility mix for their employees.

From technical hands-on perspective here is what we deal with:

  • Native mobile applications for riders both on iOS and Android: booking a ride, making a reservation, locking and unlocking a vehicle, etc.
  • Client-facing web application: gives companies control over access to their fleets, mobility budget configuration, statistics, dashboards, etc.
  • Native mobile applications for our maintenance team: helps them to plan their job, assemble vehicles, manage and fix reported defects, etc.
  • Back office web application: we are using it ourselves to manage the platform and provide customer support.
  • Hardware: integrations with vehicles, parking systems and detection devices. Some cameras with computer vision are coming.
  • Additional internal services we use to simplify our every day life or perform some common tasks.

As you can see, we are not another financial, AI, blockchain or marketing start-up. Our job is on the ground. It is hard, cool, fun and meaningful.

Who we are?

We have fast, lean and very efficient tech team distributed widely across the globe. We admire nothing but skill, focus and hard work culture. We respect ability to offer ideas and execute on them. We promise and we deliver.

Most of our team members are working in CET / CEST zones or close to it (1-2 hours difference): Switzerland, Serbia, Italy, Türkiye, - so we are looking for a candidate located in this area preferably. However, at the moment, we also have people living in Thailand and Bali, so we are fine with short trips far away with following relocation back to some closer area.

This fully remote setup is complimented with a nice head office in Zurich, Switzerland, where we organize visits for our remote employees 2-4 times a year. Tickets, accommodation, some Swiss chocolate and trips to mountains are included.

Current team structure:

  • CTO
  • Product Designer (and hiring)
  • Back-End: 3 people
  • Front-End: 1 person (and hiring)
  • Mobile: 2 people (and hiring)

We grow the team with huge attention to culture and proper adaptations in our processes on every stage, so each team member matters.

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