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О компании «Softsmile Inc.»

SoftSmile is a New York-based innovation company that helps orthodontists to deliver custom, high-quality and affordable treatment to their patients.

Established in 2019, SoftSmile designs and develops an advanced, AI-driven orthodontic software package that applies cutting-edge machine learning technology with sound biomechanical and mathematical principles in a user-friendly interface, giving orthodontists the ability to create aligners or lingual braces treatment plans in-house.

Precise and high-quality aligners and braces are created using robust 3D printing technologies that can be produced on-site at an orthodontist’s office or provided by SoftSmile. These products give orthodontists unparalleled control and precision of the treatment they deliver to their patients.

The company is a SaaS platform named top-5 software products of 2020 in the healthcare industry. The technology is revolutionizing the market in medicine, AI-driven software gives doctors complete control over patient care. The product (software) is well-tested and ready for production use in the summer. The company already has 1,000+ patients treated with the software and 300+ doctors who have tested the software. The company's IP portfolio includes over 50 patents.

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