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О компании «SoftBistro»

SoftBistro is a boutique software development company of 175+ software engineers. We’re based in the Silicon Valley; with two development centers in Lviv and Khmelnytskyi city Ukraine.

Our offering is dedicated, full-stack teams that specialize in Java, RoR, PHP, iOS, Android, DevOps, BI/DE and IT services.

Although we love building products for the higher-ed market, we have served a broad range of clients across many markets. From start-ups in Silicon Valley, such as BigStock and Rafter to publicly traded ShutterStock, Chegg and Freelancer; from large educational institutions such as California State University to governmental and non-for-profit organizations such as 20 Million Minds.

Our team has proven track record in various life-cycles of software development: market search, project scoping, software design and engineering, testing and maintenance.

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Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»Фото офиса компании «SoftBistro»