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О компании «Secured Finance»

Secured Finance is an InterBank-grade financial transaction platform with automatic collateral management and mark-to-market mechanisms.

Secured Finance protocol is the decentralized P2P financial protocol that provides the functionality of middle and back-office banking operations on top of blockchain by leveraging Ethereum smart-contracts.

Secured Finance’s mission is to bring the maturity and best practices of institutional finance into decentralized finance protocols. We designed a protocol from the accumulated knowledge of 40-years of the financial industry that governs 600+ trillions of dollars and made the interbank market system open to the public.

The main range of services and products provided by Secured Finance are: 

- P2P crypto lending with automatic margin-call system and mark-to-market mechanisms
- Decentralized market for digital assets interest-rate structured products
- Automatic collateral management with no control of central authority
- Cross-chain settlement of crypto assets

The Secured Finance lending market provides a list of offers by platform users willing to lend/borrow a certain amount of a cryptocurrency for a certain duration of time. The initial term varies from 1 month to up to 5 years with fixed interest rates.

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