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A Cloud-based RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Platform for Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes automation and supplier collaboration. Nipendo streamlines and simplifies interactions between enterprises (buyers) and their suppliers across all spend categories and all supplier types and sizes. Nipendo’s technology turns P2P processes touch-free and error-free, processed straight-through to enterprise’s ERP. We utilize RPA, machine learning and AI technologies to provide process governance, management and enforcement, to enable process compliance, audit and validation and facilitate robotic dispute resolution, discrepancy management and guided process fulfillment.

Implementing nipendo’s platform requires simple configuration using Best-Practice templates, which were designed over a period of years of working with multinational corporations in a variety of industries and multiple vertical markets. These templates cover the full range of Direct and Indirect P2P processes around Goods and Services.

nipendo helps enterprises automate their purchase-to-pay processes and replace manual labor and human decision-making with smart-bots that operate according to corporate policy, compliance rules and regulations.

Our customers indicate over 90% supplier adoption rate with over 95% of invoices are reconciled self-provisionally touch-free and error-free.

Nipendo RPA platform for P2P process automation is used by leading organizations across many industries, including multinationals such as HP, Intel, KLA, Kodak Alaris, Elbit Systems, IAI, Teva and  Unilever.

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