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О компании

InTime BioTech Corp. is the global early-stage company with a great team of experienced bioinformaticians, award winning scientists & top managers with startup experience, solving the global  problem of longevity. The company's objective is in “live” digitization in through AI & Blockchain of all human Big Data for purposes of lifespan prediction & extension up to 120+.

InTime is 4P medicine technology (predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory) of an early stage diseases diagnosis by collecting and measuring human biodata online. With a hardware & software complex of devices we plan to find & as the result to try to fight the diseases on the not known before early stages, which affect their longevity.

Our ultimate goal is to make people live 20+ active & happy years without limitations. We bring personal & national interest solution to each nation & region. InTime with use of IT tech extend period of active life up to 95 years, from 25 - completion of adulthood - up to 120, maximum time before the "failure" of body. InTime an AI, working with millions of "digital I", consists of 8 sections, first: info & analytical system - open platform that allows user to form & maintain his personal profile "digital I" in statics & dynamics & draw longer trajectory of active life.

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