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О компании

Freezvon.com is a big provider of VoIP technologies for any needs, personal or professional. It is project of Telephonic Solutions Company that create various choice of possibilities in telecommunication process. More than 80 countries present VoIP services for subscribers from all over the world, so with the help of Freezvon you could order any possible facility. Our company recommends an enormous choice of features as virtual numbers, SIP-app, additional VoIP services, IP PBX system and others. Let’s try to learn more concerning Freezvon priorities in the world of IP-telephony.

What is VoIP technologies and its principle of work?

These services are very popular in every point of the Universe. Their work is characterized by availability of Internet connection. In order to use virtual technologies you do not need to use supplementary equipment as SIM-cards or wires. Moreover, such facilities do not attach to physical place, so when there is a necessity to move, do it and your telecommunication will be alright.

Freezvon.com offers such services

Make a right choice for communicating with precious people. Pick most appropriate facility:

  • Virtual telephone numbers – they work by principle of redirecting calls, SMS or fax to appropriate course. They could be for:
  • Additional services for virtual numbers – it is possible to set up any useful option for making work of number more convenient and effective (it depends on aims you got). There are such services as click to call, hold a music, call recording, conditional call forwarding, call back, IVR-menu, conference call, send and bulk SMS etc.;
  • Virtual IP PBX station – that could be explained as VoIP services package that includes numerous SIP-accounts, internal numbers, free virtual number, recording calls, background music and others. It is comfortable as for office usage as for home;
  • SIP-application – a possibility not only to get calls, but dial to other countries cheaper than ever before. Create personal SIP-account and make all setting with help of our technical team.
  • Calls;
  • Calls and SMS;
  • Fax;
  • Calls and Fax;
  • SMS;
  • Toll free 800 numbers (possibility of free calls by subscribers);
  • Multichannel numbers (additional lines in order to avoid missed calls);

Prices and rates for virtual services

All costs depend on countries where you are going to use virtual numbers, so first pick needed country and read conditions of usage these services. Freezvon suggests many payment systems, which could simplify ordering procedure for our subscribers. More detailed information is on official site.

Possibilities of using virtual technologies

With the help of Freezvon, you could feel all priorities of VoIP. Learn more now:

  • Ordering process is available online;
  • Great possibility of making calls abroad;
  • NO need in additional equipment;
  • NO physical attachment to any location;
  • High level of connecting;
  • Big amount of IP services;
  • Cheap and convenient facilities.

It is up to you what is essential for your communication. Freezvon https://freezvon.com/ always cares about its subscribers, so when there are some unclear moments in utilization or paying system for services, you could contact our specialists and get all details for further cooperation. Freezvon project is a solution of future communication for modern people.

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