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About Eko

Our product is internal communication application. It brings team together and empowers them with tools for more efficient and communication. Access it all from any device, anytime.

Eko is an award winning communication and productivity tool that empowers hundreds of thousands of people around the world to do their best work. Our platform combines chat, directory, task, and workflow into one easy to use application. Our system is built from the ground up to quickly process and deliver vast amount of data in real-time in order to meet our user's expectations in today's fast moving workplace.

We value efficiency and are always looking for ways to improve our tech stack to provide the best experience to our users. Our commitment to the latest developments in React, Mobx, Node.js, and native iOS and Android frameworks allows us to iterate quickly while providing a clean, maintainable architecture that's a joy to develop on.

Since Eko’s founding in 2012, our main goal is to unlock the true potential that cloud and mobile has to revolutionise the way people work. Today Eko serves companies with a total valuation of over $50bn including leading telecoms, banks, retailers and hospitality companies.

Based in Bangkok, London, Amsterdam, Austin and New York, Eko is backed by leading VC firms including Gobi Partners, 500 Startups, Siemer Ventures, Tigerlabs Ventures, and many more. Eko has raised over US$20 million in funding to date.

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