О компании «EJaw»

EJaw is an independent video game development studio. The head office is located in Estonia with a 100% owned subsidiary in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We develop high-quality products with detailed game design combined with a thoughtful balance of game mechanics and gameplay, fresh and creative art direction and other interactive elements.
We focus on game production for mobile, social, PC and browser platforms.

Two business directions:

  • Vendor of game development services
  • Own product development

Our expertise: Unity 3D — VR/AR — PC/Mobile/Browser/Casual Games — Simulators — Porting to Nintendo Switch

We are also taking advantage of continuous integration of XP/TDD practices. Jira is used as a proprietary issue-tracking tool and we use Confluence for actualizing of our documentation.

These features allow EJaw to fit a well-managed schedule and to maintain control of the development process.

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