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We’re the team of TOP freelancers! Every team member has more than 3 years of experience on the market and we know how to meet your needs. We work with leading IT companies and startups to help them achieve their goals. We help our clients with:

  • Front-End development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, JQuery, React, Angular)
  • Back-End development (Python, Django, Flask, Tornado, aiohttp)
  • Web Scraping (Python, Selenium, Puppeteer, )
  • Working with DB (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB)
  • Deployment and configuration of the projects
  • Different projects related to Python programming (Discussed individually)

and even more!

When you work with us you will get excellent communication, receive a superb product, and get rid of spaghetti-code.

Let your business grow with us and reach new heights!

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