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О компании

Helping Newspapers Succeed in Digital

We have been leading the digital revolution for the newspaper industry with one of the world's first digital newspaper editions in 1993. A few years later, we developed what became Austria's leading online newspaper with our first web-content management system (1997) and one of the first mobile newspapers (1998). Every year, we develop new innovations, like the world's first voice-controlled ePaper in 2014.

At the heart of our products is the "Content Backbone", a deeply integrated Asset Management System for the newspaper industry, that is acting as a central platform for normalizing, storing and re-using content in all digital channels.

Though our company is still tiny, our product is already used by the leading quality newspapers of four countries (Germany, Austria, Dubai, India). You will be involved our international client relations and get first-hand experience with some of the most interesting media companies in the world.

Our new house, your own office, great surroundings

Recently we moved to a great new house that gives us ample space and even has a garden and a room for visitors to stay. Every developer got his own separate office!

Our work climate is extremely informal. The surroundings of Gilching are fantastic, it is located in an area with five large, beautiful lakes and regarded as one of the best places to live near Munich. If you want to move here, we will support you with the Blue Card and all other procedures.

If, instead, you prefer to work remotely, you are welcome to do so. We have been successfully doing this for over a year and by now we are used to regular Skype conferences. English has become our primary company language.

Enterprise Web Applications and Mobile

Our client-technologies for the Media System and the ePaper are primarily HTML5 and JavaScript. We have been developing web applications since 1996 and with the ePaper we have already been diving into the world of SPA development. Our iOS ePaper app is developed natively on iOS (in ObjC) and our Android app is a hybrid using Cordova.

On the server side, we are running on the Windows platform and have a large existing application that is a mix of C++ (for low level performance parts), COM+, VBScript/Classic ASP and some newer parts in C#/.NET.

The upcoming version of our COMYAN Media System will use C#/ASP.NET on the server and aSPA/MVC architecture on the client.

Our database we have been using MS SQL Server very successfully for the last 18 years with some huge database installations. All our platform software and tools are on the latest version.

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