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О компании «Calionpower»

CalionPower is a pioneering company at the forefront of providing innovative solutions in the realm of electric vehicle charging and renewable energy storage. With a commitment to advancing sustainable technologies, CalionPower offers a wide range of products designed to cater to the evolving needs of the electric vehicle and solar energy sectors.

Portable EV Charger CalionPower's Portable EV Charger ensures the convenience of charging your electric vehicle anywhere. With its compact design and user-friendly features, this charger offers a reliable and efficient charging solution for EV owners on the go.

Adjustable EV Charger The Adjustable EV Charger by CalionPower provides customizable charging options, allowing users to adjust the charging parameters according to their preferences and requirements. This charger ensures optimal charging efficiency for various electric vehicles.

Waterproof EV Charger CalionPower's Waterproof EV Charger is engineered to withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining superior performance. Its durable and weather-resistant design makes it a reliable choice for EV charging in diverse environments.

Fast EV Charger For those seeking rapid charging solutions, the Fast EV Charger from CalionPower delivers high-speed charging capabilities without compromising on safety or efficiency. This charger is designed to minimize charging times while maintaining battery health.

Fast EV Charging Station CalionPower's Fast EV Charging Station is a comprehensive solution for businesses and public spaces looking to offer fast and convenient charging services to electric vehicle users. It incorporates multiple fast chargers and advanced management features.

Outdoor EV Charger Built to endure outdoor conditions, CalionPower's Outdoor EV Charger is a robust charging solution suitable for various outdoor settings. It ensures reliable charging performance while withstanding environmental challenges.

Indoor EV Charger The Indoor EV Charger from CalionPower provides a safe and efficient option for charging electric vehicles within indoor spaces. Its sleek design and user-friendly features make it a valuable addition to homes, parking garages, and more.

On Grid Solar Inverter CalionPower's On Grid Solar Inverter facilitates the integration of solar energy into the grid. This technology converts solar power into usable electricity for residential and commercial use, contributing to energy independence and sustainability.

Off Grid Solar Inverter Ideal for remote areas or locations without access to the grid, the Off Grid Solar Inverter by CalionPower enables users to harness solar energy and store it for self-sufficient power generation.

EV Lithium Battery Pack CalionPower's EV Lithium Battery Pack offers a reliable and high-performance energy storage solution for electric vehicles. These battery packs are designed to enhance EV performance, range, and overall efficiency.

Solar Energy Storage System With a focus on harnessing solar energy, CalionPower's Solar Energy Storage System combines solar panels and energy storage technology to optimize the utilization of renewable energy. It enables homeowners and businesses to store excess energy for later use.

Vertical Energy Storage with Inverter CalionPower's Vertical Energy Storage system offers a space-saving solution for storing and managing energy. The integrated inverter ensures seamless energy conversion and utilization.

CalionPower's commitment to innovation and sustainability shines through its diverse range of products, each designed to address the evolving energy needs of the modern world. From EV charging solutions to solar energy storage systems, CalionPower empowers individuals and businesses to embrace cleaner and more efficient technologies.

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