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О компании «Adjutor»

Company "ADJUTOR" works in the field of Human Capital Consulting - HR consulting.

ADJUTOR Company provides professional assistance

in Recruitment and Executive search according to your requirements and corporate standards!

We can do something qualitatively, if we love what we do.

It is a deeply conviction of Adjutor team.

So, one of our main goals is help companies to find or grow up best talent for them and help a person determine its way in the best career.

Both person and company are taking benefits from this.

Adutor recruiters are the part of team of motivated, dynamically developing, highly qualified specialists ready to bring you the best possible match for your needs. We are working in close contact with our Clients to understand the needs of the business and provide the best possible staffing solutions. We understand the importance of finding the right candidate and this is what we are good at.

We have experience in the advisory and practical help in closing vacancies for Ukrainian companies and companies from Russian, Poland and Slovak.

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