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AD Mortgage - US Financial Holding Company successfully providing residential and commercial loans for more than 20 years, based in Florida (USA). Back-office is located in St.Peterburg, Russia.

A&D Mortgage is:

  • Top Direct Mortgage Lender with 23 years history which offers a full spectrum of innovative lending products to meet a home buyer’s needs in the USA
  • Headquarters in Hollywood, FL
  • We represent our A+++ service in 21 states but are striving to obtain licenses in every State of the US and to become a Nationwide Mortgage Lender
  • Our employees are our most valuable resource and their knowledge and expertise play an important role in achieving our Client’s goals. We are 200+ employees, and it’s just a beginning!

With the best rates, first-class service for our partners and the fastest turnaround times in the industry, we say "Yes" when other lenders say "No."

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