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О компании

UULA is a Kuwait based educational technology company with an engineering team located in Russia. Our goal is to disrupt education processes in the Middle East and the larger international community, and we achieve this through a flagship website that prepares students for success on standardized exams. Over the long term, we want to bring this success ecosystem to all walks of life. Employing a team of 30, we are looking to add qualified Android iOS and Front End Web Developers. 

Having successfully taken the company from an idea to a fully established organization serving thousands, we are eager to continue growing as we expand our reach, services, and team. The team is small and very closely knit, operating on mutual trust and respect for truth. A core advantage we have over our competitors is our flat hierarchy when it comes to problem-solving. Every idea is based on its merit, regardless of seniority. We work hard and reward personal initiative.

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