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The best Headhunters in the world. Choose yours.

Founded in midst of new beginnings My-Headhunter is on its way becoming one of the world’s largest networks for unique and global professional job opportunities. In changing times, we are looking for chances to develop, grow and personally challenge ourselves to explore further professional achievements we can make.

Connecting industries – on one platform.

My-Headhunter provides a professional network for recruiters to engage with candidates as well as customers, sharing their expertise and knowledge with each other, looking for global and international top positions offering professional growth as well as an extended network.

As a company or candidate, finding the right headhunter can be frustrating as well as time consuming. My-Headhunter will be your one-stop-shop collecting all information you need for making the right decision for your next job search.

By adding personal evaluations and experiences with headhunters, the platform opens up a new way of transparency within your job search, enabling candidates as well as companies finding the right headhunter based on your needs and recommendations of other users.

Additionally, headhunters can provide details in their in-depth knowledge, expertise as well as regional scope and are giving the additional opportunity to increase their online visibility.

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