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  • Опыт разработки веб-приложений и распределенных систем
    • Опыт разработки приложений для крупных компаний  таких как: Heineken, Novo Nordisk, Gallagher Bassett, Loreal, Daimler
    • Интеграционные проекты с системами: SalesForce, Docebo LMS, Dynamics365, Office 365, Coupa, NetSuite, Oracle FC
    • SOLID, BDD, TDD (NUNit, MOQ)
    • С#, TypeScript, JavaScript
    • AngularJs, Angular 2+, VueJS


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    Участие в профессиональных сообществах
    Опыт работы
    Gazprom Germany
    Lead Software Developer
    Декабрь 2019 — По настоящее время (11 месяцев)


    • Development large scale enterprise applications
    • Manage a Team
    • Working on development and release processes
    • Managing complex IT environments and developing successful technical infrastructure
    • Skilled in providing effective leadership in fast-paced, deadline driven environments

    List of achievements:

    • Optimized and improved development processes
    • Changed development strategy for project
    • Saved time and money for the company
      Российский центр разработок международной компании Kofax
      Senior Software Engineering
      Апрель 2019 — Декабрь 2019 (9 месяцев)

      Joined to ReadSoft Online Project as a Senior Software Developer. I working on cloud connectors and integration tasks to other platforms such us: Office365, Coupa, Oracle, Dynamics. ReadSoft Online is multi-tenant SaaS solution for process PO and non-PO invoice data, capturing, transform accounts payable into a transparent, controlled and strategic business unit.


      • Developing highly scalable apps, solutions and enhancements
      • Working with other engineers on the team
      • Assigning tasks, reviewing work, code reviews

      Iteora GmbH
      Lead Software Developer
      Октябрь 2017 — Декабрь 2019 (2 года и 3 месяца)

      • Development large scale enterprise application

      • Focus on defining customer technical needs and requirements

      • Focus to maintains high customer satisfaction ratings

      • Work with enterprise clients

      SharePoint | Office 365 | ASP.Net | SalesForce Development
      Lead Software Developer | Solution Architect
      Март 2017 — Апрель 2019 (2 года и 2 месяца)
      • SharePoint solution architecture and development
      • ASP.Net solution architecture and development
      • Products planning and evolution strategy development
      • Analysis and customer’s needs accumulation

      Realized projects:

      • Training Management System. Solution for automate education bussiness process. Project based on ASP.NET MVC 5. Client: Abiroy
      • Enterprise Compliance Application. Project based on SharePoint 2016/ASP.Net
      Evoke NewYork | Evoke Systems
      Team Leader | Solution Architect
      Август 2016 — Март 2017 (8 месяцев)

      Develop and accelerate logical and physical architecture strategy for the overall IT projects. Review the business strategy and current technical capabilities to support the development, strategic road-maps, operational models.

      Work with Big Enterprise projects and delivery.

      Contract work.

      Разработка инновационных решений для управления корпоративной виртуальной инфраструктурой.
      Team Leader | Solution Architect
      Сентябрь 2013 — Август 2016 (3 года)

      My current position is a SharePoint Team Lead in Veeam Software. Joined the company as a Senior SharePoint Developer, I was able to grow to a title of a Team Lead within 2 years. Using my skills and expertise, I built up the entire SharePoint platform, starting from 0 point, developed and implemented necessary solutions using SCRUM method, based on a company needs, hired and managed a team of professionals.

      Implemented SharePoint platform, build several solutions (content management, travel platform, finance control, sales etc), integrated SharePoint with Salesforce, Docebo LMS, Jira. Build up a team of developers and project management.


      • Architect, design, develop and implementation of complex enterprise solutions
      • Architect and implement integration project (with Salesforce, Jira and many cloud platforms)
      • Implementation of global corporate portal and strategy planning
      • Organizing training and seminars
      • Team management
      • Risk management

      Realized projects or solutions:

      • Corporate ECM

      Details: ECM based on SharePoint 2013 features. Search optimization and customization new ECM features for SharePoint platform. Implement integration with cloud platforms such us SalesForce, Docebo, Marketo, Workday.

      • Corporate Targeting SharePoint Content
      • Corporate Portal

      Details: Develop design (Page Layouts, Site Definitions etc.), web parts and logical corporate core solution

      • Offline Training management

      Details: Solution for organizing and conducting training's for offline sales staff

      • eTravel Application

      Details: Global Workflow solution for business trips, vacations, business trips etc.

      • Integration web part with Docebo LMS (Cloud)
      • Document Packs (ala SalesForce)

      Details: A document pack is a collection of related version documents with callout preview and download all files as zip archive. Document pack may be used short link and share on SalesForce Chatter feed.

      СиАйБи (CIB Point)
      Team Lead | Solution Architect
      Июнь 2012 — Ноябрь 2015 (3 года и 6 месяцев)
      • SharePoint solution architecture and development planning
      • Products planning and evolution strategy development
      • Analysis and customer’s needs accumulation
      • Business Development and planinig
      SharePoint Developer-Consultant
      Сентябрь 2011 — Сентябрь 2013 (2 года и 1 месяц)
      • Development of business applications on SharePoint 2010
      • Implementation of business logic for CRM solutions
      • Development of workflows, working out the documentation and guidelines for solutions
      • Development of business applications, logics and common solutions architecture
      • Maintenance of the application

      Realized projects:

      • NVI (New Vendor Introduction - Approval of new suppliers \clients)

      Details: The project is designed for the institution of new suppliers\staff with subsequent alignment and synchronization of masterdata with SAP.

      • SSC (Shared Service Centre - Matching payment invoices and approvals of edits to a document for suppliers\clients)

      Details: The project is designed to match invoices for payment and approval of incomplete \ incorrect documents with two-way synchronization with the client.

      • MTA (Test & Result Approval System - Implementation of Testing Materials)

      Details: The project is designed to test materials for the automation of the production logistics and acts of write-downs on the expiration of the test period. During the project has got a deep understanding of OpenXml.

      • SSC for HL (Shared Service Centre for Heineken Logistics)

      Analogue of SSC for office logistics.

      • FGW (Finished Goods - Approval of new materials in SAP)

      Details: The project for creation and integration of new products launch at the factory.

      • Legal (Organization of legal documentation)

      Details: The project for coordination and exchange of legal information between employees and contractors.

      Participation in projects:

      • Establishing accountability of Spirits declaring
      • Project New User Introduction on the FIM platform

      Role: Developer

      SharePoint Architect-Business Analyst
      Сентябрь 2010 — Сентябрь 2011 (1 год и 1 месяц)
      • Project management for implementation of SharePoint 2010 applications
      • Development of business applications
      • Analysis of business processes
      • Business process modeling (IDEF, BPMN)
      • Optimize and automate business processes

      Realized projects:

      • ECM

      Details: Development of ECM platform and documents workflow.

      Role in the project: Project Manager, Developer

      • Corporate Portal

      Role in the project: Project Manager

      • HelpDesk (processing service requests)

      Role in the project: Project Manager, Developer

      SharePoint Engineer
      Сентябрь 2009 — Сентябрь 2010 (1 год и 1 месяц)
      • Development of business applications
      • Setting goals for the applications development
      • Conduct internal seminars and training sessions for staff on the platform SharePoint 2007, 2010

      Realized projects:

      • Evaluation of the effectiveness of employees

      Details: Development of the application for a general survey of the company.

      • Solution for HR (database of resumes and vacancies)

      Details: The application for the management of common database of candidates and vacancies in the company.

      • The comments reporting system

      Details: application for the creation and execution of tasks issued by the supervisory authorities, control of executive discipline.

      Consultant for software solutions in the department ASOUP
      Июль 2008 — Декабрь 2008 (6 месяцев)
      • Work in a project development team
      • Work on the implementation of MES for Alcoa Russia (the largest manufacturer of rolled aluminum)
      • Programming in VB.Net, creating stored procedures for Oracle, database architecture (creating tables, triggers, etc.)
      Head of HelpDesk
      Июнь 2007 — Июль 2008 (1 год и 2 месяца)
      • Support Department Management (HelpDesk, ServiceDesk)
      • Create an architecture of the system
      • Planning the budget for implementation of document management systems
      • Modification of the system using the platform tools
      • Technical support for customers
      • Consulting employees of the Customer
      • Monitoring the complaints service
      • Maintain knowledge base
      • Participation in the project team to implement electronic document management systems
      ИКС Бизнес
      Project Manager
      Июнь 2006 — Июнь 2007 (1 год и 1 месяц)
      • Maintenance of project activities
      • Managing the team of engineers /administrators/programmers
      • Project documentation
      • Conducting sales and tenders
      Высшее образование
      Санкт-петербургский институт экономики, культуры и делового администрирования
      Факультет: Менеджмента
      Август 2010—Август 2013 (3 года)
      Санкт-Петербургский национальный исследовательский университет информационных технологий, механики и оптики
      Факультет: Информационных технологий и программирования
      Июнь 2002—Июнь 2006 (4 года)