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Online hospitality

Опыт работы
HyperLoot (The DAO)
PR Manager
Ноябрь 2018 — Январь 2019 (3 месяца)

PR strategy development participation

Content planning


Media pool accumulation


SMM (Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk)

Community Management

Press release editing and distribution

Designers and copywriters coordination

Blog post editing


Support Team Lead / Event Manager
Июнь 2018 — Октябрь 2018 (5 месяцев)

The company hired me for the purposes of handling support issues, by answering the questions in telegram community and providing troubleshooting at the main website through the Carrot quest service.

In one month I became the Team Lead of an international support team. I have developed my department into a fully functioning infrastructure. I have successfully created a thorough knowledgebase for the company's product and compiled a useful FAQ for the website.

Also, I’ve been promoted to the event-manager while I was responsible for the Roadshow planning. I’ve held the Arch Summit 2018 (Luxembourg) and Blockchain Expo 2018 (Amsterdam) participation.

Community Manager
Апрель 2018 — Июнь 2018 (3 месяца)

I was the first Support Team Manager of the Enecuum startup and I've built the whole department from scratch

Charity Foundation "EXIT IN PETERSBURG"
Сентябрь 2015 — Апрель 2018 (2 года и 8 месяцев)

Coordination and logistics.

1. Reception and distribution of incoming calls and e-mails

2. Interaction with the parents of students, informing about important issues

3. Answering phone calls, letters and requests for the assistance from those family members with ASD, who can't become students of the Centre due to circumstances, making of individual recommendations

4. Interaction with potential partners and other outside companies. Writing of letters, requests, appeals

5. Paper and electronic document management (google docs)

6. Management of business trips / events for the staff of the Centre

7. Maintaining of schedule and event calendars, coordination of meetings and interviews

8. Work with the volunteers:

- CRM (google forms, Bitrix24)

- email delivery (gmail, MailChimp)

- cooperation, calls

- tour around the Centre

9. PR department assistance

- assistance in communication with partners of pr projects.

-management of meetings and events with parents, staff and project partners

- email delivery (gmail, MailChimp)

10. Research (information seeking for pr projects, fundraising or any other project)

11. HR assistance

- monitoring and collecting of respondents' resumes

- primary selection of candidates

- provision of resumes to the director and proceeding of further interaction with candidates: appointment interviews, participation in interviews, informing about refusals

12. Coordination of database of organizations and healthcare institutions, provision the people with ASD with assistance

Office management. Office Life Support.

1. Order and dispense supplies

2. Managing of copying works on request of each employee

3. Control of the proper operation of the office equipment

4. Greeting of visitors

5. Keeping the area clean and neat

6. Filling the information boards with the relevant content (ads, events, photos)

7. Administrative support, opening and closing of the Center

8. Managment of projects and contribution to the team work

Perry's Cafes & Rentals
Май 2013 — Сентябрь 2013 (5 месяцев)

- Operate with cash register and handling money
- Communicate with the customers
- Approve a great customer service skills in a friendly way

«The Track» Family Recreation Center
Май 2012 — Сентябрь 2012 (5 месяцев)

- Responsible for the proper operation of amusement rides and attractions 
- Assisting guests in loading and unloading of ride and restraining systems operating the ride using control panels communicating safety instructions and observing the ride while in motion in accordance with Policies and Procedures
- Provides verbal instructions to guests at the start of each ride and in some cases during the ride cycle

Высшее образование
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет промышленных технологий и дизайна
Факультет: Институт бизнес-коммуникаций
Сентябрь 2005—Июнь 2010 (4 года и 9 месяцев)
Business Communications, Brand Management