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Working since 2009 as Software Engineer in the Industrial Automation domain allowed me to master numerous software development skills utilising hardware and software from various vendors for Control Systems High-Level design.

The main focus is on Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) development to create concise and crisp graphical interfaces for Control Rooms SCADA. The second thing is tooling helping to ease and automate time-consuming tasks.

Recently I realised that my engineering career is very relevant to Mobile development and I obtained hands-on android experience having developed
a bubbles game.

Участие в профессиональных сообществах
Опыт работы
DRE Systems Ltd
Control Systems Engineer
Май 2019 — Декабрь 2019 (8 месяцев)

The company undertakes electrical and control systems design and implementation, safety machinery risk assessment.

  • Programmed PLC
  • Drafted Autocad electrical schematics
  • Created projects technical documentation


  • Carried up the pilot automation project rolling out new implementations
  • Undertook two wireless communication feasibility studies: one for sawmill’s industrial network and one for sea wharf
Active Telecom
Software Developer
Сентябрь 2017 — Май 2018 (9 месяцев)

The Company undertakes full cycle hardware and software (SCADA) development for Telecom and Oil and Gas.

  • Maintained an in-house app (of Data Pipeline type ) on platform's DSL API (The Control scripting language based on Qt framework) for automatic creation of database.
  • Designed the graphical user interfaces
  • Tested 3rd-party integration
  • Guided Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the project
Инженер по автоматизации
Сентябрь 2008 — Июнь 2017 (8 лет и 10 месяцев)

The Company undertakes design, implementation and maintenance of control systems for the Oil Transportation Infrastructure

  • As a member of a team maintained quarterly the SCADA systems of Pumping stations, Fire protection systems and Pipelines Control Centres
  • Individually supervised and performed monthly maintenance of Telemetry Systems in multiple Control Centres
  • Tested PLC algorithms of industrial process safety 
  • Tailored SCADA applications by changing HMI screens and database according to project’s variations.
  • Solved numerous issues with SCADA software performance and application functionality
  • Provided remotely essential technical support to clients


  • Developed the SCADA front-end side of a big scale project.
    • During the development phase my experience of maintaining the predecessor system helped my team to analyse and interpret the project requirements and avoid pitfalls.
    • During commissioning I supervised and executed functional testing of field devices, testing of visualisation, alarming and trending in close cooperation with field and PLC engineers.
  • Solved a client’s problem with slow switching between graphical interface pages by detecting and resolving bad design of the correspondent VBA code.
  • Solved a client’s problem with regular SCADA application crashes accompanied unreasonable utilisation of processor time and memory by fixing remotely wrong network communication settings of around hundred field PLC.
  • During commissioning I supervised and executed functional testing of field devices, testing of visualisation, alarming and trending in close cooperation with field and PLC engineers.
  • Reduced time and resources for implementing new tasks by constantly doing code refactoring.
  • Maintained convenience and usability of graphical interface installed in control rooms by eliminating ergonomic flaws and excessive complexity.
  • Assisted to solve the critical issues with SCADA application performance on-site by committing bag reports to vendor software support.
  • Assisted client in upgrading server hardware reinstalling system and SCADA software, tuning communication with RTUs, and deploying  applications on the new hardware at five regional Control Centres
Высшее образование
Санкт-Петербургский государственный электротехнический университет «ЛЭТИ» имени В. И. Ульянова (Ленина)
Факультет: Электротехники и автоматики (ФЭА)
Сентябрь 2003—Февраль 2009 (5 лет и 5 месяцев)