Andrey Noskov

Software Engineer · Бэкенд · Разработка ПО
От 120 000 ₽ · Не ищу работу
Возраст: 26 лет
Опыт работы: 6 лет и 11 месяцев
Регистрация: 11.03.2014
Последний визит: 4 года назад
Местоположение: Россия, Москва
Профессиональные навыки: Ruby · Ruby on Rails · Erlang · PostgreSQL · Rabbitmq · Redis · Linux · Git · C++
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Обо мне

I have started my professional way three years ago when I received an order to develop an online store.

My first programming language was Ruby.

My first job was in "Paragon Software company" as a software developer. My responsibilities were IT automation , development and supporting Web-applications. I got experience with bash and improved my Ruby knowledge and web development in general.

After, for my own development, I learned the basics of C/C++ . Fundamentals from strict C++ language help me to learn new languages.

On my future jobs I`ve learnt to work with PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Ruby on Rails, Erlang and Go. Design RESTful API services and microservices, organize data caching using Redis, distribute the load and bind processes using message queuing (AMQP).

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Опыт работы

  • ООО «Кваттро Про»
    Backend Developer (Erlang/Elixir)
    Май 2016 — По настоящее время (4 года и 9 месяцев)
  • Лидер рынка онлайн-бронирований в ресторанах Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга
    Москва · От 10 до 100 сотрудников
    Software Engineer
    Март 2016 — Апрель 2016 (2 месяца)
  • MasterPlat
    System Engineer
    Октябрь 2015 — Март 2016 (6 месяцев)
    IT automation, Manage and monitor all installed systems and infrastructure, Install, configure, test and maintain operating systems, application software and system management tools, Proactively ensure the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability
  • AltegroGroup
    software engineer
    Июль 2014 — Март 2016 (1 год и 9 месяцев)
    Development and integration of software Project: Accounting reporting system Responsibility: Design/Development web application and database Technologies & tools: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, CoffeeScript Project description: System to automate the preparing and submitting of accounting documents Project: API to the processing center Responsibility: Design/Development web-application Technologies & tools: Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript Project description: Web-interface and the API to work with the processing center Project: Recognition of fiscal checks Responsibility: Development scripts for text recognition from image and parse text data Technologies & tools: Ruby, Tesseract OCR Project: Billing processing center Responsibility: Design/Development web-application, database and background jobs. Setup/Configure AMQP and web servers. Technologies & tools: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, RabbitMQ, RSpec Project description: System for processing promo codes and accrual of bonus points Project: Information System Responsibility: Design/Development web-application and database Technologies & tools: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Redis, CoffeeScript Project description: System to automate business processes Project: Gate to the web API Responsibility: Design/Development web-application and database Technologies & tools: Ruby on Rails, Grape, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ Project description: Web application to send requests to queue and forward requests from the queue handlers to the web API Project: Processing system of message queues Responsibility: Design AMQP server and SQL database. Development of message handlers. Technologies & tools: Erlang/Elixir, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ Project description: System for handle messages from queues Project: Processing and transport of logs Responsibility: Design/Setup system to collect, filter and normalize logs data Technologies & tools: RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash
  • Разработка ПО: драйвера, утилиты, мобильные приложения, WMS, инструменты для backup`а
    Долгопрудный · От 100 до 1000 сотрудников
    junior ruby on rails developer
    Июль 2013 — Октябрь 2013 (4 месяца)
    Developing Web applications for Rails project