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Business analyst/Features owner
Декабрь 2013 — По настоящее время (6 лет и 10 месяцев)
Business Analyst Responsibilities: - Gathered requirements from multiple sources (external customers, product vision team, stakeholders, producers and internal customers); - Elicitated requirements using interviews, document analysis, surveys, business process analysis, use cases, scenarios,competitive product analysis, task and workflow analysis; - Wrote software requirements specifications using natural language. - Managed requirements; - Evaluated and verificated project solutions (evaluate of all possible implementation cases); - Continuous improvement of a requirements process; - Elicitated and systematized technical and business risks; - Evaluated and accepted UI interfaces provided by UX team. Product Management Responsibilities: - A single entry point for development teams, QA, customers, publisher teams and other units (anyone can ask the detailed requirements and implementation features); - Decomposed high-level business requirements into logical blocks which could be developed separately; - Partitioned features on iterations: determinate optimal and minimal sets of delivery of functionality for each version. - Defined product relationships with other projects, services and other various components of the project WoT. - Formulated requests for the collection of statistics (hypothesis testing, product improvements); - Identified and described the scenarios of user interaction with developped functionality. - Communications Management (effective modeling of assemblies), controled over that decision was approoved by stakeholders; - Conducted presentations for all stakeholders and customers, processed feedbacks.
Business analyst
Сентябрь 2013 — Январь 2014 (5 месяцев)
Business Analyst Responsibilities: - Worked with business team, business analysts, developers and QA on differents projects (e-commerce web applications); - Analyzed customers's business, proposed new product features and updates to reach customers' business needs; - Elicited requirements using interviews and document analysis; - Wrote requirements specifications and vision - scope documents; - Created UI mockups in Axure, Indigo Studio; - Сonducted usability audit and performance analysis of customer's web applications, websites; - Assisted project manager in product planning through requirements development and analysis; - Lead business analyst team, managed and distributed work to other business analysts in the team; - Prepared Use Case Models and Use Case Diagrams using Rational Software Architect; - Improved analytical processes by creating and implementation ducumentation templates.
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Business analyst
Июль 2012 — Сентябрь 2013 (1 год и 3 месяца)
Business Analyst Responsibilities: - Worked with business analysts, developers and QA on differents projects (web applications for call centers, sport and enterprise websites; tools for making big data reports). Customers: major banks, insurance companies, football clubs. - Elicited requirements from each user class: marketing managers, supervisers, business managers. - Wrote requirements specifications and vision - scope documents; - Prepared Use Case Models and Use Case Diagrams using Rational Software Architect; - Assisted project manager in preparing project plans; - Conducted requirements walkthrough sessions to get requirements approved by stakeholders and business sponsors; - Managed risks, created risk mitigation plans; - Created UI mockups in Microsoft Visio;
Февраль 2012 — Июль 2012 (6 месяцев)
Responsibilities: - Learned bank processes and document flow; - Conducted presentations of bank products and programs for large audiences; - Worked wirh SAP software; - Analyzed marketig programs, worked on improving of sales strategies;
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Белорусский государственный университет информатики и радиоэлектроники
Факультет: Инженерно-экономический (ИЭФ)
Сентябрь 2013—По настоящее время (7 лет)
Магистратура по специальности: менеджмент
Факультет: Инженерно-экономический (ИЭФ)
Сентябрь 2008—Июль 2013 (4 года и 10 месяцев)