Anatoliy Nalimov

Python developerРазработчик приложений
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Возраст: 35 лет
Опыт работы: 12 лет и 9 месяцев
Регистрация: 29.06.2008
Последний визит: 3 месяца назад
Местоположение: Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Дополнительно: готов к удаленной работе
Профессиональные навыки: AgileScrumООППаттерны проектированияPythonPostgreSQLNoSQLDjangoLinuxReact Native
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I am a Python developer with 12+ years of experience. I received my master's degree in computer science in 2010 at St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University.

I like to be a part of an agile team developing software using best practices and tools.

I am most experienced in:

  • developing scalable web backends with Python, Django, DRF, PostgreSQL, Tornado, RabbitMQ
  • writing clean, maintainable, and well-tested code
  • deployment to Linux servers and creating small CI/CD pipelines
  • knowledge of web frontend technologies enables me to develop powerful admin tools and MVP versions, React 16.8, UX
  • also, I am good at business analytics

The best project for me is:

  • Agile team
  • Python
  • Startup or project in early stage
  • English speaking team


Agile, Scrum, OOP, Design Patterns, Python, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Django, DRF, Linux, React 16.8, React Native


My resume in PDF:

Опыт работы

  • DarleKids Shadow Theater
    Август 2021 — Декабрь 2021 (5 месяцев)

    "DarleKids Shadow Theater" is a short (5 months) project for the friends' toys company. The company introduced a new product, a shadow theater kit to make a performance, and needed applications for iOS and Android, a kind of assistant of the storyteller during the show. Applications should be top-quality to maintain the company's image.

    I participated in this project in a significant amount of roles: mobile developer, UX, backend. We selected React Native as a key technology, and it was a perfect choice. It allowed us to get a cross-platform app with a native look and feel and fit the budget.

    You can find the app was developed in AppStore and GooglePlay by searching "Darlekids". Look it to dive into a fairytale for a few moments.

    React Native, Redux, Typescript, React 16.8, Django

  • Гео-трекинговый сервис для активных людей и соревнований.
    Сентябрь 2016 — Май 2021 (4 года и 9 месяцев)

    Airtribune is a flying sports championship system (paragliding, hang-gliding). If you want to organize a championship, you need a system that allows you to:

    • inform your audience about the upcoming event and promote it
    • collect your participants' registrations and receive a membership fee
    • create a map of your task (areas the pilot should visit and point where he should land), collect GPS tracks of pilots, and measure track time for each pilot
    • publish results
    • provide online tribune to those who want to follow the championship in real-time

    The project was developed by the agile team that included the following roles:

    • project owner
    • backend developer, "DevOps" (I am)
    • frontend developer
    • Android developer
    • iOS developer
    • customer support

    I participated in this project from the very beginning. We started by making the MVP version in 2016 (participant registration form, social features, and results table), whereby the project found first clients and investments.

    In 2019, about 1000 championships globally, 450 of them used Airtribune. In 2020 with covid limitations, the project started to lose clients and was sold to a Canadian company in 2021.

    Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Nginx, Tornado, RabbitMQ, Celery, Linux

  • Basis Capital
    Январь 2015 — Июль 2016 (1 год и 7 месяцев)

    The company developed an analytical system for a robot playing at the stock market. I was in a team that developed a web application for controlling and analyzing the robot's work.

    Our team was:

    • a project owner (from the robot team)
    • backend developer (I am)
    • frontend developer
    • other members of the robot team

    Python, SQL, Django

  • Konstructor
    Август 2012 — Ноябрь 2015 (3 года и 4 месяца)

    The project finished many years ago, but it is still one of my favorite. A company was producing and retailing furniture. One of the company's features was that the client could customize the furniture in many ways (own dimensions, materials, design, etc.). If you want to manage such company, you may want to have software that:

    • Allows your retailing team to create furniture projects with a client with all available customization. Provides a good picture of modeled furniture to a client. Calculates prices.
    • Allows your producing team to download furniture projects files with all specifications. These files include files for woodworking CPU machines (that enable you to produce details with client dimensions) and specifications for the assembly team.
    • Allows you to create a library of projects for your website with good pictures and actual prices. Enables you to give an online tool for your clients for independent furniture design.

    Our team was:

    • project owner
    • full stack developer (I am)
    • frontend developer
    • head of producing team, python
    • members of the retailing team

    In 2012, the company produced 5000+ furniture orders using this system.  

    Python, Django, JavaScript, Backbone, SVG, Phong illumination model

  • Retailer.RU
    Ноябрь 2008 — Май 2012 (3 года и 7 месяцев)

    Retailer.RU is a media for retailers' top managers and owners with social network functions. The project also includes a CRM system for offline events.

    Our team was:

    • project owner
    • team lead, full tack
    • full stack developer (I am)
    • frontend developer

    Python, Flask

Высшее образование

  • СПбПУ Петра Великого

    Санкт-Петербургский политехнический университет Петра Великого
    Санкт-Петербург3111 выпускников
    Физико-механический; ФМехФ
    Сентябрь 2004 — Июль 2010 (5 лет и 10 месяцев)