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Обо мне

Hi! I write code in fintech/quant area. I've already worked as a Python Web Developer, Blockchain Developer, C# Quant Developer. 

I have experience in the following area:

  • Crypto-infrastructure implementation (crypto-wallets, crypto-exchanges)
  • Back-end Implementation for websites on Python
  • Smart-contract development
  • Data collection
  • Quant analysis, backtesting and quant research 
  • Implementation  of algorithmic treading strategies on C# / Python
  • some experience in Data Science / ML 

Since childhood I have been interested in solving complex problems and programming. I have worked a lot in fintech startups where I had to do everything and fit into the deadline. This way has taught me to focus and prioritize and allowed to develop my soft skills.  

I clearly understand the business tasks because I've started my own one in website development area. My approach to work is to achieve a business result and always, when it's possible, take a responsibility. I work for a successful project, not for makeovers.

I can quickly understand complex concept and integrate it quickly as well. I always offer you my ideas if you need them.  

I've a pretty fluent English level and can read a technical literature, write docs and lead conversation. 

My professional goal for 2020

I do want to reach a team-leader position and study how to scale a team work.

Hard skills

  • Python
    • django, aiohttp, flask, flacon
    • celery 
    • pytest, unittest
    • sqlalchemy, mongo-engine, pymongo, motor
    • pandas, numpy, matplotlib
  • C#
    • Lean trading engine (QuantConnect)
    • NUnit
  • Databases
    • PostgresSQL, MySQL
    • ElasticSearch, MongoDB
  • Infrastructure
    • linux
    • amazone AWS
    • docker
    • git
  • Computer Science
    • TDD software development
    • Algorithms and Data Structures
    • Functional Programming and OOP
    • Blockchain Technology

I'm also familiar with Solidity, JavaScript, C++ and Elixir

    Soft skills

    • I try to take a responsibility, always when it's possible.
    • I always set deadlines to myself, if you haven't set them for me.
    • I split a task and discuss possible solutions with a manager or a lead.
    • I try to find the optimal balance between the quality of development and price / speed.
    • I usually start by developing a necessary functionality without prior optimization.

    What do I want?

    • Ability to reach team-lead position
    • Work in fintech/quant project 
    • Solve complex nontrivial problems
    • Participate in building a project architecture
    • Take part in the business processes design
    • Free schedule
              Участие в профессиональных сообществах
              Опыт работы
              Monster of crypto trading
              Python Developer
              Октябрь 2019 — По настоящее время (10 месяцев)
              Разработка финансовых технологий для трансграничных платежей.
              Python Developer
              Август 2019 — Сентябрь 2019 (2 месяца)


              • Design and implementation the api-based backend for crypto-exchanger on falcon framework. 
              • Design and implementation the client asynchronous API on aiohttp framework.
              • Integrate the backend and client api with bank api (Connectum Bank).
              • Building the team workflow process.
              Developing tools and strategies for trading cryptocurrency.
              Quant Developer
              Декабрь 2018 — Август 2019 (9 месяцев)


              • Pieces of algorithmic treading strategies research
              • Feature engineering  
              • Design and implementation Internal libraries
              • Implementation of technical indicators, risk models, alpha models

              I've designed and implemented several Internal libraries and framework for algorithmic trading strategies. I've been researching piece treading strategies from raw tick data to production ready exchanges agent and find few successful approaches. 

              Blockchain Developer / Python Middle Developer
              Сентябрь 2018 — Ноябрь 2018 (3 месяца)


              • Design of database
              • Website and telegram bot development 
              • Python Django development 
              • Server configuration


              A small startup from Barcelona which I worked for as a freelancer. That's what i did:

              • Cryptocurrencies wallet 
              • Web admin panel on Django 
              • Multilingual website and telegram bot 

              In this project, I got the experience of work with a foreign client.

              I have understood better how to make interfaces comfortable. The client, after some edits, received a good, from his point of view, UX admin panel (Django).

              Crypto-Startup Akemato
              Project Manager & Python Middle Developer
              Июль 2018 — Сентябрь 2018 (3 месяца)


              • Design of database 
              • Design of project architecture
              • Design of REST API
              • Web (Django) development 
              • Python development
              • Server configuration
              • Product management 
              • Setting goals
              • Search for contractors and specialists


              • Project architecture
              • Design a scoring system for evaluating of investment funds
              • The analysis of the market, more than 70 investment funds were evaluated
              • Identified ways to monetize the product
              • Technical task for product development
              • Development and Web Design Contractors
              • Product prototype on django
              • Found several project partners
              Investment Fund «Сrypto Environment»
              Blockchain Developer / Python Web Developer
              Июнь 2017 — Июнь 2018 (1 год и 1 месяц)


              • Design of microservice architecture
              • Design of database 
              • Blockchain development
              • Smart Contract development 
              • Python development
              • Web development 
              • Server configuration
              • Product management
              • Setting goals
              • Search for contractors and specialists

              I has developed a systems of the fund. This work have done either by me or under my leadership.

              • Token of fund
              • Deposit / Withdraw / Billing and (you are not wrong) Mining of token  
              • Cryptocurrencies wallet and payment gateway for receiving cryptocurrencies
              • Mining machines monitoring system
              • Website and telegram bot, which provided services above

              I also have hired several specialists and have promoted the product.

              Высшее образование
              Институт космических и информационных технологий
              Факультет: Информатики и вычислительной техники
              Сентябрь 2015—Июнь 2017 (1 год и 9 месяцев)