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Software engineer with +4 years of experience with good theoretical and practical knowledge of algorithms and data structures. I Have the ability to work independently and as a part of the collaborative team. Like Python and do cool thing that matter. Always open to learning new technologies.

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Software Engineer (Remote)
Сентябрь 2018 — По настоящее время (1 год и 6 месяцев)

Refactoring, optimizing, development and rewriting heavy modulus:

  1. export - import with many formats
  2. reports
  3. tracking changes 
  4. cross country support of functionality (Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore) 
  5. and others
Developing, managing and hosting tailor-made software integration solutions
Full-stack developer (Remote)
Апрель 2018 — Август 2018 (5 месяцев)

Нур-Султан (Астана)
Software engineer
Март 2017 — Апрель 2018 (1 год и 2 месяца)


Description: Service for selling platforms which takes responsibilities of payment, delivery, rates, tracking.Responsibilities: Developed whole system from the beginning. Integrates with internal/external rest, soap APIs.Technologies: python, django, django-rest-framework, psql , celery, Rabbit-MQ.


Description: Selling platform which has aim to deliver products for distant locality in Kazakhstan.Responsibilities: support, optimization and adding new features.

AV software
Software engineer
Август 2016 — Март 2017 (8 месяцев)


Description: Educational project with a lot of features such as social network, library, discussions, blogs Responsibilities: Developed REST API of modulus Authentication, Profile, Live chat, Course, Friendship

LLC Tenet
Junior Software Engineer
Январь 2015 — Август 2016 (1 год и 8 месяцев)


Description: Centralized web-based navigation application for malls Responsibilities: Create promo component, admin side. Technologies: Django, Django Channels, Django REST framework, Celery, PostgreSQL, React.js, Redux, React Saga, Webpack.

University site

Description: Web site for Suleyman Demirel University. Responsibilities: Develop modules and plugins for managing site structure and access University database. Technologies: Django, Django CMS, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Celery.

Высшее образование
Университет им. Сулеймана Демиреля
Факультет: Инженерный
Август 2012—Июнь 2016 (3 года и 10 месяцев)
  • GPA 3.49/4.00
  • Teacher Assistant “Web – technologies”, 2016
  • Head of the education department, “Education club”, 2015
  • Member of SCH (Social culture health) department, 2015
  • Teacher of extra lessons “Programming in Java” - 2014
  • Exchange student at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea) 2013 – 2014